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Mac Version : TBA


Your first step is to head to the space agent and launch the starter ship “No Hugs”. If you link your wallet during sign up you will see that you can use Death Kiss and Striker if you own it. You will need to earn enough SCR to buy minerals to build Death Kiss and Striker by killing other NPC.


You can also use your mining lasers to mine minerals in the asteroids for you care bears that don’t want to kill!


Potential Issues


We currently have 2 servers : US East and US West. If you are not in North America you might experience issues controlling your ship as their is a delay when you make your mouse input. There are other issues you could face. In May, we are working on adding more servers!


Also, there could be graphics issues. Please use this doc to log any bugs you face and want to report.


Click here to fill out a bug report


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