May Development Updates

Wow! It’s been a great month! We had a HUGE 50% off sale in our store and those who hold SMC really profited! Nearly 250k worth of SMC was used in our store to purchase items! Congrats to everyone who holds SMC and was able to take advantage of the sale. We want to make sure we reward our community for the patience they have during our development. 

Delivery of these items have started and will continue throughout the week.

So development is ongoing and running smooth. A huge issue with Space Misfits and our gameplay in our pre-alpha was server issues. We don’t have enough servers to accommodate people around the world. Those who played outside the US made the game practically unplayable which was very disheartening. But we have been working on a solution!

We have developed a client/server architecture allowing players to become the server allowing players to play anywhere in the world without facing serious lag issues! This was a big undertaking and is now complete. 

Now we have shifted our attention to our new arena we plan on launching early Q3. We are currently developing several different arena match plays.

Standard PVP – 1v1 / 2v2 / 3v3

Road to Glory – A constant tournament style gameplay that involves 1v1 matches with 8 players. Last man standing wins the match!

The Misfit Pit – 8 players fight in the pit for points in 3 rounds. Last place players with the least amount of points are kicked out each round until there is only one final round with 2 players battling it out for the win!

Now, you might ask… What do I get for winning?

That’s the next big news coming up!

We are introducing in-game skill based wagering! Not only will you win your match you will earn cryptocurrency for winning! Space Misfits is announcing a brand new type of wagering in our game. Compete with other players and win huge pots!

Of course if players want to just compete without the wagering elements they can!

A lot more information will be released in the coming weeks.

We want to thank everyone for their patience. Our roadmap has shifted a lot and there has been serious delays in our development but things are going strong and we are excited to bring in the arena in the next few months. Stay tuned for more updates and godspeed Misfits!

-Sam Stebbins

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