Learn what is happening in and around Space Misfits.

  • June 25, 2021

Attention Misfits

New intelligence collected by Baron Varta and his team suggests that the enemy has been studying our tactics as we fight. They use onboard recording devices that capture everything about the way we fly, track targets, and coordinate firing solutions. Needless to say, we cannot let them analyze this. If they were to find a weak point, we’d all have a hell of a lot more trouble taking them down.

Better yet, I’m told that we can use this data for ourselves. By studying the data that they collect, we can find aspects of our ships that need improvement. With that, we can upgrade our ships to account for any shortcomings. Even if they did manage to get their data back to wherever they came from for analysis, all of their strategies would be outdated.

While you’re out in the Nameless Territory, keep a lookout for the data stored on Telemetry. They should show up on your sensors.

It’s a race for intelligence, and Misfits don’t fly slow.