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  • Aug. 30, 2022

Boss Design Contest Event

Have you ever wanted to create the Boss of your dreams? Now you have the chance!

Send us your Boss design following our "Boss creation guidelines" and earn Space Misfits rewards just by participating!

📅 The event starts today 08/30/2022 - 2pm EST and will end September 20th 2pm EST.

Everyone participating will earn a skin!

If your Boss design is one of our three favorites, you’ll earn a spot in the Game Credits and…

  • 🥇 1st place: $250 in SMCW tokens + 1,000 random Telemetry
  • 🥈 2nd place: $175 in SMCW tokens + 750 random Telemetry
  • 🥉 3rd place: $150 in SMCW tokens + 500 random Telemetry

The money prizes will be paid out in SMCW tokens, using the dollar value it has at the end of the event. The telemetry and skin will be sent to your Enjin wallet.

All the rewards will be sent within a week after the event ends.

Unveiling! BULL RUSH Earn this Skin for participating:

Boss Design Event Skin Reward image

"A flurry of passion and intensity. First out of the gate and last one to stand."


We are not looking for the best art, but a presentation of your Boss concept. You can explain it by using circles, lines, triangles, drawings etc. to describe how you envision your dream Boss will behave and perform.

Describe how the encounter with the Boss will play out and all the different steps the player will need to successfully complete in order to defeat it.

Feel free to add any action your Boss is capable of performing. For example, maybe it can summon NPCs, use buffs, debuffs, cloak, shields etc. Only your imagination is the limit!


Please fill out this form to submit your boss design proposal (it will ask you for all the required descriptions):
You can also use this link:

Boss Design Event example image (IMAGE: showing a Boss Design sketch example)

Boss Design Event example image (IMAGE: showing a Boss Design sketch example)

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