A Huge Fleet leak has just appeared!

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Hey Misftis! It's been a while since we announced that Fleet, Space Misfits browser game version was back in development, but here we have our promised big leak and update that you don't want to miss! Fleet Alpha v1 (MVP) is being released sooner than you think, so it's time to start studying how it is going to work.

Have a look at the full document, click here
Stay up to date and learn about Fleet plans. You will want to read it all!

Planet Outpost NFTs will be Planet NFTs!

Illustration by our art team

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own planet? Well, now you might already have one without even knowing it! If you hold a Planet Outpost NFT, your NFT will be converted to a Planet NFT, Planet owners will receive a portion of the CROWN spent by players on their Outpost development. This includes constructing new buildings, upgrading facilities, and speeding up construction.

Have a look at the entire plans in the above linked doc

It isn’t all about Aurum, or is it?

Illustration by our art team

Are you curious about the most profitable resource in the Fleet universe? Look no further than Aurum! The rarity and versatility of Aurum have made it one of the most profitable resources in the universe. It is in high demand among corporations, governments, and individuals alike, and its price on the interstellar market can fluctuate greatly depending on supply and demand.

Fleet Alpha v1 (MVP) will enable all your Light Fighters and Commander NFTs!

Illustration by our art team

Get ready to launch your Fleet! Start dusting off your Commanders and Ship blueprints dust now so you can use them right away when the MVP version of Fleet launches! Your Commanders will lead your Fleet on missions, starting with Fleet Alpha v1 (MVP) Expedition Mission (Fleet’s initial game mode). Once we launch Fleet Alpha v2 following our Roadmap plans, you will be able to level up your Commanders and enhance their skills, allowing you to lead bigger ships and access higher level missions.

With your FT blueprints, you can craft at a reduced cost and instantly, with no crafting time! Don't miss out on the benefits of owning an NFT/FT. Check out the leaked document to learn more. It's an exciting time to be a starship captain, so get ready to conquer the universe!

Join Fleet Expedition Missions and collect Aurum! If you are brave enough!

Illustration by our art team

Get ready to set sail and send your fleet on an Expedition Mission to collect the precious Aurum! Join the weekly leaderboard by collecting Aurum, climb it to earn big rewards plus becoming one of the best Aurum seekers and pirate destroyers in the galaxy!

Expedition Missions will be the first game mode in Fleet and it will offer different difficulties and requirements to achieve before being able to send your fleet such as building the required ships. MVP will release one easy type Expedition Mission that you will be able to experiment with and start earning your first Aurum and other rewards while the Alpha v2 arrives in the following months with much more content.

The galaxy is waiting for you to claim your treasure! stay tuned for more updates regarding Fleet and make sure to check our socials during the next days to avoid missing our updates!

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