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  • June 24, 2022

Introducing INGOTS!

Hey Misfits! We are happy to announce these Space Misfits Mineral Ingots that you will be able to forge from each of the farmable minerals. ⚒️

Ingots are worth 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000 units of minerals. And guess what? Mineral Ingots can be traded in the player market! we’re almost there, it will open its public testing within the next few days !

King Station Metallurgical Services (KSMS)

Mystery Skins

A new faccion called King Station Metallurgical Services (KSMS) will take your ingots and give you the proper amount of raw minerals in return.

This system will be in place until we do a rehaul of our Forge, Packer/recycler Systems.
For the moment our recycler can´t give minerals as a result of recycling an item (but we’ve got ingots!).

Starter Mini-guide

Mystery Skins

Check below how it’ll work! (new guides are coming too for the Ingots launch)

How to craft a mineral ingot:

  • Go to the forge, in the items tab you will see all the available ingots.
  • Chose the one you want to forge and make sure you have the available minerals.

How to get minerals from an Ingot:

  • Go to the mission table.
  • Chose the King Station Metallurgical Services faccion.
  • Chose the Mineral service you need.
  • Pick the mission corresponding to the ingot you want to melt.
  • Go to your Active missions, click the mission and click delivery.
  • Revisit the Active Missions tab, pick the mission and now click complete.
  • You will be awarded the corresponding amount of minerals.

    Mystery Skins

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