Q3-Q4 Development Update!

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We have been busy these past 4 months!
This is a resume of what we have achieved and what it is ready to launch next 💪

  • Player Marketplace with mineral trading update.
  • 2FA security layer addition for user accounts.
  • Staking dApp V2 under final audits.
  • Player Wallet under final audits.
  • SMCW CC Payment Service Provider + Standalone Game Launcher (Xsolla).
  • 2 player events (one recurrent until Space Misfits Alpha 2.0).
  • Hidden Data exchange reopening.
  • King’s Vault reopening.
  • Biggest assets ownership changes.
  • New full website user experience redesign ready to start deploying.
  • Space Misfits Alpha 2.0 is our main priority now.

Starting with our Player Marketplace 🛒 finally now all Misfits have a place to trade! This tool has been in development for a long time. It has required a lot of testing, including checking and verifying all kinds of details. For now we have released it with an old design, although we will soon add a new UI/UX layer to give it a finishing touch. The goal has been creating a versatile Marketplace for players to use SMCW/CROWN for all needed commerce.
Our main priority developing the Marketplace has been security, and implementing good security takes time!
With the new Player Marketplace, players can trade their goods by using SMCW (CROWN) in its offchain version (Offchain CROWN). They can earn offchain CROWNs while playing or participating in events, and/or by selling their resources, ships or other ingame assets. This way they are also participating in the game economy.

In addition, a 5% fee of all marketplace volume that is generated from Player Marketplace transactions will be distributed among the owners of Space Stations, Planet Outposts (temporarily until further notice), Misfits Founder Tokens, Misfits Support Tokens and the Space Misfits treasury.

All this has only been possible by implementing the strictest of security measures. In addition to those already provided by the blockchain, it was necessary to apply a new layer at the level of user accounts. That's why we've added Two Factor Authentication (2FA) so players can activate it as an additional security measure. Now all the Misfits can be safer.

Illustration by our art team (Illustration by our art team)

We currently have two projects that are in a very advanced stage of development and pending their security audits ⚙️ Their releases are imminent! We are talking about our Player Wallet and the Staking dApp V2. The Player Wallet adds the missing piece of the puzzle, allowing users to deposit or withdraw SMCW (CROWN) to or from the game, which is fundamental to real and complete Play and Earn. The Staking dApp V2 is the necessary evolution for our staking dApp v1, and it adds new functionalities and utility to the SMCW (CROWN) token. Such as allowing it to be used as a way to (apart from vesting periods and different APR depending on lockup periods) obtain FTs with utility in the game. This kind of functionality has never been seen before and is just the beginning of a lot of exciting things that can be done by this type of approach. And of course it supports traditional staking, which many crypto investors are used to as a way of generating interest on deposits.

These two tools require strict security audits to make sure they will not be compromised and can be used by our players without risk.

Fresh news here: we are implementing our SMCW Payment Service and Standalone Game Launcher provider XSOLLA!
SMCW will be able to be purchased by Credit Card, this is perfect for all users who want a faster way to buy SMCW without going through an exchange, it is coming very soon as we get closer to Space Misfits Alpha 2.0. This feature also comes at a great time as SMCW had a huge increase in utility with the latest tools that are implemented and makes it easier to purchase SMCW and use it right away. Also, the Standalone Game Launcher will improve the current experience while handling all our game updates, all you will have to do is download the launcher once on our website and install the game through it, simple and future proof.

Space illustration by our art team (Space illustration by our art team)

There are currently two simultaneous events in-game that players can enjoy by piloting their spaceships while earning SMCW (CROWN), and with extra rewards on the weekends (Telemetry and Mystery NFTs/FTs). We have greatly increased the rewards that can be scored in the “Deep Frontier” area, and here players can also earn Hidden Data drops which they then exchange for Telemetry FTs using the “Hidden Data Exchange”. The Deep Frontier drop increase is available 24/7 every day of the week. 🎁

The weekend event is great fun for both novice and advanced players. Multiplayer is allowed with up to 5 players cooperating in one squad. Feel free to invite and team up with your guild mates! The event will be running until the expected release of Space Misfits Alpha 2.0.

But that is not all! We have also reopened our Hidden Data exchange as well as the King’s Vault.
These two tools allow users to exchange items they earn in-game for NFTs/FTs, this is real Play and Earn come true. Plus you can now even buy or sell these items on the Player Marketplace if you prefer.

Space illustration by our art team (Space illustration by our art team)

We have changed the supply of SSoT and PoT tokens (Space Stations and Planet Outposts) to “limited”.
In the past, we wanted to keep the total supply infinite to give us room to grow and not lock us down with a specific number. We decided to go ahead and set the total supply of all stations and planets to the current circulating supply. This gives holders a sense of clarity and reassurance that the total supply will never change. We will design gameplay and content around this new total supply. As we have mentioned before, now that the Player Marketplace is up and running, a 5% fee of all marketplace volume that is earnt from Player Marketplace transactions is destined to be distributed among the biggest assets holders (SSoT, PoT (temporarily until further notice), MFT and MST.

A new web experience is just around the corner 🌐. In the last three months we have been working hard to combine all the tools, adding a single design valid for all of them. We have also invested countless hours in ensuring that the design generates the immersion effect that a game like Space Misfits and its users deserves. Soon you will be able to enjoy this new experience, which will allow easier navigation, and at the same time greatly improve the presentation of the Space Misfits project.

Space Misfits Alpha 2.0 will be our biggest release ever. You all have something really amazing to look forward to. The game will present you with a completely new ScFi shooter experience. More details about this huge game update will be released as we are approaching the magic release date.

Do you want more?
Hint: check our leaks channel in our Discord community.

Stay tuned Misfit!

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