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  • June 8, 2022

How to Onboard thousands of players? Good question!

Here’s what we’ve been doing in the background to provide our players a solid product. 🤝

You may be closely watching our updates talking about what’s coming, we’re really excited about the fact that we’re able to provide a future where many players will be able to play our game, it all depends on how everything it’s being built from scratch. You can’t deliver a great experience without a stable structure, and that’s also the most challenging task for developers in terms of being able to make everything run smoothly.

Here we’re talking about scaling, fighting bots, player management, ingame analytics, and a large etc… Normally, all our “developed in the background” achievements aren’t part of our announcements, so players can’t know about them if we don’t tell. So that’s why we wanted to write this special article.

We made all our internal tools from scratch, it fits what we need. Blockchain game development is not something we can just download from the store, or get inspiration from other gaming studios that have successful projects but haven’t ever faced on-chain development. Even those projects that are somehow successful can end up being a total mess as it happened before, so we can’t trust any of the current ones and we have to make our own decisions (of course learning from other’s fails too still works).

You already know about our procedurally generated engine that can provide millions of different zones for all of our game modes, it’s the tool we needed to power our Open World, Disembark and it already provides Rogue experiences. Not only can this engine build systems, it can build the universe with procedurally generated stations and planets.

That’s only part of what we have, we developed a whole “swissknife” toolset that provides us a lot of information that we’ll be using to deliver better gaming experiences, we can see how many players completed our ingame missions, killed our bosses, NPCs, were killed, and so on.

Two of our ad-hoc tools we created and helped us a lot already

Community management & front line tech support tools (and internal reward tools) 🔧

We needed a way to reward our users for the different events that can happen anytime, as well as for our support team to have a look at the different issues that some users may have, that’s something you have to build from scratch as a tool that enables mods to make these specific actions inside our game, with the addition of the blockchain in mind that is new to many users already. We will keep investing in these tools that are helping us with our user management every day.

Ingame statistics 📊

We created our own reports tool that lets us know how good the players are doing in different zones and gives us a lot of information in order to decide the future updates priorities. Thanks to this tool and our user feedback, we cover the needed ingredients to make a fun game, faster than if we didn’t have any analytic tool at all.

In summary, many other projects out there still need to build all of these tools from zero. This takes years to build and is very expensive. You simply can’t design or buy some assets and launch a game. A lot of tools are needed to launch a successful game that is ready for scale and this can take a very long time! It’s critical for Space Misfits to build with a solid foundation with tools and architecture that can scale to hundreds of thousands of players. You may not see a lot of frontend updates right now but we want you to know a lot of work is being completed in the backend.

We are happy to keep building a fun game to play with blockchain technology in mind, and of course to talk about these must-have internal development tools that are real achievements for our team.

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