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  • June 25, 2021

Pilots Wanted

Moon Labs is seeking independent contractors to assist in future development. We are a burgeoning technology company in the 7 Systems specializing in our patented BioTech Droids. With our financial backers, we have the technology capable of shaping the very fabric of our universe.

We need pilots to collect vital materials for research and experimentation. The aliens colloquially known as the Nameless house a certain solid substance towards the cockpit of their ships. We call this substance altrogen. Through biomechanical processes, the solid slowly changes to a gaseous state to provide the Nameless pilots with their onboard life support environment.

At Moon Labs, we can use this altrogen to better understand and equip the reaches of space for the betterment of us all. Each and every pilot that supplies us with altrogen scavenged from Nameless ships from Nameless Territory will become a part of Moon Labs by way of company shares. The more altrogen you supply, the more shares you receive.

Are you an experienced pilot with a combat capable ship? Do you want to make a real difference? Do you want to earn what you deserve? If yes, then sign with Moon Labs at your nearest terminal.

*Pilots sign with Moon Labs at their own behest. Pilots also enter Nameless Territory at their own risk. Moon Labs is not liable for malformation or destruction of pilot’s ships, cargo, or person. All altrogen transfers to Moon Labs are final.

**Moon Labs will be paying out company shares once Rogue is fully tested and released. A total of 58,000 Company Shares are up for grabs from Moon Labs.