Player Wallet is LIVE

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An important piece of the puzzle just launched. The Player Wallet is LIVE!

The long-awaited tool, which is instrumental in completing the SMCW (CROWN) experience, is finally here!

Withdrawals and deposits are now enabled for all Misfits. 🍾

We are very happy to launch the Player Wallet, a WebApp that improves SMCW utility by leaps and bounds. This enables players to not only Play and Earn, but also to move their tokens whenever and wherever they want. We implemented SMCW support on our Web Store, Player Marketplace and Staking dApp a long time ago, and this is a much-needed step to complete a bridge between the different apps. Now the entire game 🎮 has been added to the mix!

No more excuses, Misfits! You can now skip the grind if that's what's keeping you from entering The Deep Frontier or other high-difficulty zones!

  • For now, deposits are unlimited and withdrawals are limited to 1,500 CROWNs per day.
  • There's a 5% fee applied to all SMCW withdrawals.
  • If you withdraw less than the max amount (1500 CROWNs), you are only allowed to withdraw a maximum of two times before you are blocked 24h.
  • If you try to withdraw, and the withdrawal is blocked, you will have to wait 24 hours before trying again. The timer is reset every time the withdrawal is blocked.
  • The crypto wallet supported in this first version is MetaMask with Binance Smart Chain setup. As with all our tools, we will continue to evolve the Player Wallet with more integrations and features..

Remember that the Player Wallet can be found once you sign in to the Space Misfits website with your user account.
Check out the guides here.

We hope you enjoy the Player Wallet from day one!

Space illustration by our art team (Space illustration by our art team)

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