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  • Sept. 27, 2022

Let’s Welcome the Player Marketplace!

Finally here! We are very excited to launch our long-awaited Player Marketplace! 👑

🏷️ You can now trade your items or just buy what you need! Every transaction will now use SMCW (CROWNs) as the main Marketplace currency, bringing a utility boost to SMCW and the ability to trade with other players enhancing the whole gaming experience!

⛏️ New feature: Remember that now, you’re able to trade your mined resources too. Ingots are made in the forge, please visit King Station metallurgical services at the Mission table in the Space Station to exchange an ingot for the corresponding amount of ores.

Note: minerals might take up to 1 minute to arrive at your inventory when you melt them.

Note: You can now turn your Ionized Crelyte to Digital Crowns using 20X stacks instead of 1 by 1 (use the new mission at the missions panel)

👉 Here's the mini starter guide (while we upload the full guide to our guides section)

Player Marketplace introduces a new way to play and earn in Space Misfits as you can now become and play as a trader, previously you could only do individual P2P trades which required both players to initiate the trade while online. Now you are free to add or buy offers whenever you want.

⚠️ ⚠️ Make sure to keep reading Misfit! 👇 👇


This is an important step for the economy of Space Misfits, Player Marketplace is the best tool for any player who wants to be a craftsman, miner, trader or just have fun in space without having to put much effort as you can buy what you need from other players directly with CROWN tokens (SMCW) and enjoy it if that's what you want.

Fully running in SMCW & Offchain Crowns

👑 Player Marketplace will fully work on SMCW and Offchain Crowns, as our Player Wallet (which you will use to exchange SMCW to Offchain Crowns and vice versa) is being audited at the moment and while it arrives you will not be able to move your SMCW in or out of the game, the audit has been already in the works for a few weeks and it’s arriving really soon. For now, you will be able to use the Offchain Crowns that you currently own ingame and that you earn through our events in the form of “Digital Crowns”, 1 Digital Crown = 1 Offchain Crown.

ℹ️ INFO: For now, "Digital Crowns" will be manually exchanged to off-chain Crowns by our team on a weekly basis, and starting today with the Player Marketplace launch.

ℹ️ INFO: Remember that the "Player Wallet" is being audited and meanwhile, we'll provide manual support to our users

New UI/UX Design is Arriving Soon 🎨


An awesome new UI design with a fully immersive experience will be deployed to the Player Marketplace following its launch in the next few weeks (once it’s finished), we worked on more filters and many other surprise details to make the trading experience easy to understand and enhance the trading experience even more, we want a five stars platform for our Misfit Traders!. Stay tuned!

Hidden Data Exchange is back!

Let’s welcome the Hidden Data Exchange too 🎉, this feature enables you to exchange your ingame collected Hidden Data for Random Telemetry FTs! Make sure you link your Enjin Wallet to the game and you’ll receive your Telemetry FTs after you claim them. We’ll be providing guides on how to do that soon although it’s pretty easy (once you login to your account in Space Misfits website, find your Hidden data under “Items and Bits” then press the “Exchange” button and follow the easy steps)

Changelog Resume

ℹ️ Player Marketplace Update: Offchain Crowns concept is introduced (Offchain Crowns (CROWNs) are the ingame version of Blockchain SMCW Crowns, at the moment, you can't move your Blockchain SMCW Crowns into the game as the "Player Wallet" is being audited still). Digital Crowns are now being converted to Offchain Crowns (CROWNs) on a weekly basis (automatically for you, but manually done by SM Team, you will see the frequent exchanges in your account and you don't need to do anything else than wait for it to happen, keep changing your Ionized Crelyte to Digital Crowns as much as you want).

1 Digital Crown = 1 Offchain Crown (CROWN) = 1 Blockchain SMCW (CROWN).

ℹ️ Player Marketplace feature: Player Marketplace will run in Offchain Crowns (CROWNs).

ℹ️ Ionized Crelyte "New Mission": New Ingame mission ("20 Ionized Crelyte Delivery") enables you to exchange Ionized Crelyte to DIgital Crowns in 20X stacks.

ℹ️ Ingots Update: Players can turn their resources into Ingots and vice versa by using "The Forge" to Mint Ingots, and Melt Ingots using "King Station metallurgical services" at the Mission table in the Space Station. You can use Ingots to sell resources at the Player Marketplace, and you can buy Ingots from other players.

ℹ️ Hidden Data: Hidden Data Exchange is back, users can earn Telemetry in Deep Frontier, then claim Random Telemetry FTs sent to their Linked Enjin Wallet by swapping their Hidden Data items in the Hidden Data exchange at the Space Misfits' website.

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