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As we have been pivoting this year and making some changes to the overall game economy and gameplay we have been taking a look at some of our tokens. Now that the marketplace is launched we are looking at our biggest tokens, our Space Station and Planet Outpost holders. In the past, we wanted to keep the total supply infinite to give us room to grow and not lock us down with a specific number. 👑

Today, we have decided to go ahead and set the total supply of all stations and planets to the current circulating supply. This means we will NEVER sell another station or planet. This gives holders a sense of clarity and reassurance that the total supply will never change. We will design gameplay and content around this new total supply.

🛒 The marketplace is out. Fees are being generated, and as promised, those fees will go to the holders of the Space Stations along with MFT and MST holders. Fee distribution will happen each week. Now, we know the fees will be small at first and will grow as the player base scales. In the future, we will also implement proof of work so you will have to complete missions to qualify. For now, there is nothing you need to do except for holding these tokens to receive these fees.

We also have a plan for Planet Outpost token holders that we will be announcing next to start generating rewards for them too. You will still receive CROWN rewards every 3 months for both the Space Station and Planet Outpost holders to offset as we have time to scale our player base. 🚀

We are very excited about what the future holds and we can’t thank the early adopters enough who took that leap and decided to buy a Space Station and a Planet Outpost token.

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