The King's Vault returns!

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What's inside? Good question Misfit! Find out how you can earn FTs/NFTs with the King Vault!

The King’s Vault, enables you to claim NFT/FT available rewards for a certain amount of King Coins, those King Coins are obtained at the Ingame Marketplace.
You can buy them with BITS. Remember that you earn BITS by killing NPCs or doing ingame missions. as well as trading with other players if you want to sell your goods. đź‘‘

Note: you can only obtain 10 King Coins per day, so if you are already “BITS rich” 💰, make sure to return every day to claim your 10 King Coins! You will need a few to purchase and claim the NFT/FT rewards.

King’s Vault rewards can change when the NFT/FT supply ends. The King’s Vault can be closed again until the next King’s Vault event, so hurry up and collect as many rewards as you can!

Ready to see what’s the first King's Vault reward?

Player-marketplace-image (In space, there are no mistakes, only happy accidents.)

The first King’s Vault reward will be this exclusive Happy Little Planets skin.

Make sure to claim yours before it’s gone!

To enter the King's Vault, you will need to login to your user account at the Space Misfits website login, then go to your Items & Bits menu. If you have King Coins already, you can press the “Exchange button” and claim your reward!

Remember to have your Enjin Wallet linked too (check our guides if you don’t know how to do it).

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