Two Factor Authentication is now implemented!

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In preparation for the “Player Wallet” and our Space Misfits 2.0 Update we’re bringing an additional security layer to our users accounts: Two Factor Authentication (2FA). 🔑

You can now activate 2FA within your account settings. Remember that this feature requires you to have a backup of the Two Factor Authentication codes in a secure place so you don’t lose access to your account, so take care of that before proceeding.

Our website already has a step by step guide on how to activate it, but just in case you need a reminder you can have a look at the following “small guide”.

Here’s how you can activate 2FA 📚

  1. Install your preferred Authenticator application on your mobile phone or desktop PC. Feel free to use the one you prefer. Here are some well known and secure alternatives:

  2. You can of course also use any other software of your choice.

    Note: Google Authenticator doesn’t have automatic backups nor recovery email. Authy needs you to remember your login access or use their recovery email.Make sure you always have a backup you can access before proceeding.

  3. After you install your application of choice, go to your user settings, open your application of choice and insert a new 2FA entry to setup the authentication.You will find a QR Code image and a code below your user settings. This is your secret key / QR code

  4. ⚠️ Always save your secret key in a safe place to avoid losing access to your account.

    Use your 2FA application QR Scanner or manual code input in order to add the new entry.

    After the entry is successfully added, it will start showing you 6 digit codes every few seconds.

  5. Enter the six-digit code from your application in the website input box and press the "Send Code" button before it expires. If it expired, just insert the new given 6 digit code again before it expires.

Well done Misfit, your setup is now complete and you can see that 2FA was activated and is running in your account.

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