Capital Ionic Phase Miner I

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    The capital Ionic Phase Miner I are two massive mining lasers in one. It is capable of breaking down massive asteroid rocks quickly and efficiently. The tractor beam is far more advanced and larger capable of pulling massive sized rocks into the cargo hold of a capital mining ship.


    This game item is held inside your cryptocurrency wallet. It is required to be held in your wallet to activate your ability inside Space Misfits to build this item. If you do not hold this token in your wallet you cannot build this item in the game. You own this blueprint and you are free to trade or melt it at anytime. In order for you to receive this item you MUST have a ENJIN wallet. 

    There are absolutely no refunds when purchasing this item. 

    ENJIN Cryptocurrency Token

    In order to receive this item you must have a ENJIN Wallet. Download the wallet here

    To learn more about ENJIN visit their website.


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