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    A system station slot is truly first of it’s kind! Each system has a station where players can manufacture, trade, process resources and perform other services inside the station. Every service inside the station has a fee. Simply repairing a player’s ship will cost the player in in game bits. Trading fees on ENJ items in the ENJ marketplace charges the player a ENJ fee. Every single fee that goes through the station is paid out to the System Station owner. There are 3 station slots in every single central system. These slots are available for purchase. As Space Misfits grows so will the fees you collect inside the station. This is a massive opportunity for a player to earn in game currency and ENJ tokens passively all day, everyday! How do I collect BITS (in game currency)? BITS fees you will earn
    • Ship Repairing
    • Ore Processing
    • BIT Market Fees
    • Station Clone Services
    • Ship Insurance Fees
    • Player Bounty Fees
    • and more!
    How do I collect ENJ Tokens? ENJ Fees you will earn
    • ENJ Central Station Market fees
    • 50% Of all Space Misfit ENJ Transfer Fees – Earn ENJ every time a Space Misfit asset is traded that has a transfer fee.
    • 5% of all Border Station ENJ Market Fees
    The sale for Station slots will last until pre-alpha and then will go to full price if not completely sold out!

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