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Stool Maker

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System Station Slot
$5 000.00 $2 500.00

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The Brawler Package

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product image '+ Get Alpha Access + A Set of Fighters (4) with 4 Unique Skins + 2 Heavy Fighters With 2 Unique Skins + 2 Cruisers with 2 Unique Skins + 1 Hover Bike + 2 Avatars + 2 Avatar Skins + 7,500 In Game Currency (BITS) + Achieve the title of Captain Misfit in the game + Special permanent implant that increases your ships acceleration and velocity All skins, ships and items for the kickstarter campaign will be exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign and will be minted and backed by ENJIN Claim 6 Misfit Support Tokens With this token you will get a exclusive invite to our special MST Telegram & Discord Group! You will be eligible for exclusive air drops, exclusive skins and take part with the developers and the creative process up until Beta on new ship designs and avatars.

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