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Space Misfits SMC Micro Booster
$29.99 / month

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Grab a Space Misfits SMC Booster!

Those who purchase this booster will receive $50 in SMC each and every month their subscription is active.


If you own a MFT receive 5% more SMC!

If you own a Planet Station Token receive 5% more SMC!

If you own a Station Ownership Token receive 10% more SMC!


On top of the bonuses we will also give you exclusive access to a private Discord group where you can be front and center with the entire Space Misfits team. You will be provided with private access to testing and insights on our development along with dev releases that only you have access to!


This purchase you are making not only provides you with amazing bonuses and private access but you are also supporting the development of Space Misfits. We are a small Indie Studio and every dollar that comes in goes right into development. Help us achieve our goals and create an incredible Space MMO!


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Stool Maker

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