One of our biggest changes we wanted to announce comes from feedback from the community. It is centered around how Station slots are chosen and rewards distributed. Before our model was to allow our players to choose which station they want to own. This is changing.


The first problem is this – How do you equally distribute the stations to everyone who holds a Space Station Ownership Token (SSOT)? Who gets to choose first? This is an issue as people will feel like they paid the same and people will feel like they have chosen an inferior station.

Second problem is dead spots. What if a station chosen doesn’t receive any traffic? Players who own these stations won’t even want to bother managing a station with little to no traffic, especially in the early phases of our game where smaller number of players are playing.

Lastly, players would be compensated differently. So not each token is worth the same. Since these tokens are Non Fungible Tokens they should all be worth the same amount. There will people who will take advantage of this and try to oversell a SSOT that receives lighter traffic.


After talking to some community members and discussing it with our team we decided to make a change. Instead of players choosing a station, every station reward is distributed evenly amongst all owners of Space Station Ownership token holders.

This will ensure each token is worth the same amount and token holders will equally share the same rewards. Every single station in Space Misfits will collect fees every single day. Those fees are collected and distributed equally amongst all token holders who are active in the game and complete some sort of proof of work.


Proof of work means performing something in the game whether it is logging in every week or completing some task in the game. Our proof of work requirement will be decided at a later date. We are leaning towards a method of simply logging in each week. So if a SSOT token holder logs in each week they qualify for that next weeks fees that come in.


Transfer Fees

Transfer fees on our tokens range from 1 ENJ to 10 ENJ. Our SSOT will share half of all transfer fees. With potentially thousands of players conducting trades each month our SSOT holders will enjoy seeing their ENJ tokens hitting their wallets.

Market Fees

Inside our market every single time a item is traded, 1 ENJ is fee is paid. We will distribute those market fees to all SSOT holders evenly.

ENJ in-game purchases

There are several ways our players will be using ENJ. Players can choose to increase things like manufacturing speed using ENJ tokens. When a player uses their ENJ tokens for any station service in-game those tokens will be evenly distributed.


Inside Space Misfits will contain a log of every transaction. Since market trades are done on the blockchain a player can crosscheck the blockchain to ensure they are receiving those fees. Players will always know how many SSOT have been distributed through the blockchain as well. Blockchain doesn’t hide anything and we will always be 100% transparent in everything we do to ensure a safe and secure experience for everyone in our game.

If anyone has any further questions about this change please email us at

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