Update for April

April was tough for Space Misfits. With the current pandemic happening in the world and our head developer needing to take some time off not a lot of development happened for Space Misfits. 

New Announcement : Arena Gameplay

We are announcing a new direction for Space Misfits and mapping out the next few months of our roadmap. The plan is PVP arenas to be launched inside Space Misfits. We are first planning on a 1v1 PVP arena and will expand the amount of players as we scale our servers to support more players in a single match. 

Arenas will start out as basic, the player who collects the most kills win. Upon winning your match that player will be rewarded in SMC tokens and ingame currency. The more a player wins, the more they can earn!

Our biggest obstacle to achieve this milestone is synchronizing our servers to support PVP gameplay. This will be a big undertaking and once finished we will have an incredible platform to build upon.

Why are we doing this you ask? We realize with our current demo the life cycle is very short and we need to start developing our player base and get people playing Space Misfits and rewarding them for their gameplay. We feel at it’s core, a Blockchain Game needs to provide blockchain rewards to incentivize players. Everytime a player wins the match they will be rewarded in SMC tokens and in-game currency and they can re-enter the arena and earn more! Those SMC can be used to purchase items in the store creating a very rewarding system for everyone!

We have an exciting road ahead of ourselves and we can’t thank all our supporters enough for their support and patience as we build one of the biggest space games on the blockchain!

Current Version Updates

Along with building the arena we will have our team making important updates to the current version of our release and plan on publicly releasing our pre-alpha demo in May. We are dealing with major issues with graphics on some players operating systems along with lag issues due to our limited servers. We will be opening a US East, US West and also adding a few servers in Europe. We will have to watch server cost with our limited budget and need to ensure development is a priority over servers. Depending on our capabilities we may be launching with limited servers until further notice. This will create lag issues for some players in other parts of the world. 

With all our obstacles we are still going strong and plan on launching our arena gameplay in a few months. We hope our players will find the new gameplay enjoyable and after arena launches we will focus on integrating the rest of our ships and game items into our game and balancing. 

Burn Your SMC SALE!

From May 2nd to May 15th we are running a 50% off sale in our store for all those holders of SMC! Burn your SMC tokens and get 50 SMC back for every $10 you spend! 



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