Embarking on a Metaverse Journey with Alien Worlds NFTs!

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Empowering Fleet & Mayhem Players with Our Galactic Hubs-Supported Grant!

Alien Worlds Mission NFTs are coming to Fleet and Mayhem!

In the near future, we will be bridging the communities through the introduction of Alien Worlds collectibles in Fleet. Get ready to deploy your Alien Worlds BSC NFTs in Fleet and Mayhem for exclusive missions.

By completing missions you’ll earn Olympus Syndicate Credits, giving you access to rare NFTs and in-game items across Fleet and Mayhem.

Whether you're aiming for game domination or a fresh look for your spaceship, we’ve got you covered! By joining forces, we aim to craft an unparalleled experience that keeps you engaged. Stay tuned for updates on how you can participate in these special events.

Gameplay - Fleet

As Alien World’s NFT holder you can embark on special missions inside Fleet. Every Alien World’s Mission NFT you hold on BSC will allow you to gain special access to special missions rewarding you with extra resources and other rewards.

Illustration by our art team
(Illustration by our art team, import panel where you can use your Alien Wolrds NFTs)

Owning these NFTs will unlock special missions where you can send out fleets to collect resources and rewards. Each mission will require burning one mission card NFT. The more held, the more missions available.

Illustration by our art team
(Illustration by our art team, showcasing visualization of Alien Wolrds NFTs)

Missions reward Olympus Syndicate Credits which can be exchanged for NFTs from the Space Misfits NFT Marketplace.

Illustration by our art team
(Special Olympus Syndicate Membership missions)

Gameplay - Mayhem

Mayhem provides players with fun single player and multiplayer game modes that provide players with an exciting Sci-Fi Space Shooter experience.

Illustration by our art team
(Mayhem Alien Wolrds unique mission zone)

As an Alien World’s NFT owner you will be able to unlock special multiverse game modes. These offer unique challenges that are rewarded in Olympus Syndicate Credits. Battle it out in single player and multiplayer games modes using your Alien World’s NFTs to access these special multiverse game modes! Get ready to pull that throttle forward in this exciting PC shooter coming to the Alien World metaverse!

Illustration by our art team
(Mayhem Gameplay)

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