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July 1, 2022

New Partnership: Space Misfits + AlterVerse in Sky City

We’re really happy to announce our new presence at AlterVerse’s “Sky City Metaverse” where a new virtual space is being built!

In AlterVerse, Sky City will be the central hub. You’ll be able to buy land, build, shop, socialize, gather resources, craft NFTs, buy, sell, and trade, and also Play & Earn in many ways!

Everyone will be able to visit our storefront at Sky City and you can also interact with Space Misfits characters, even start the Space Misfits game from there – plus play some mini-games!


We totally suggest you to follow up on this partnership, we both have big plans for future collaborations and you don’t want to miss! So keep reading Misfit!

Partnership Giveaway


To celebrate, we’re doing a giveaway where you can earn an exclusive NFT Hoodie, Space Misfits Disembark weapon skin, and also SMCW tokens !
Don’t miss and join here:

AlterVerse + Space Misfits Partnership Giveaway! Participate and EARN a FREE Joint Airdrop

Learn about the AlterVerse!


From Sky City, all players will be able to access one of many OutPost servers. OutPost is set aboard giant Space Stations. It’s a FPS style game, but also includes quests, mining and crafting. Own and customize your own Crew Room, fly the powerful XR75 Fighter ships, socialize and compete in a variety of contests. OutPost is replacing the older game Disruption. Over 200 Servers are already owned and operated by various Guilds and individuals.


Coming Q1 of 2023 is the hard-core survival game called Rekt. Rekt will also be available for players to own and operate. Answer the call to search for survivors on a hostile planet where you’ll learn to survive, battle the elements and other players! Details, videos and screenshots will be revealed soon!

The AlterVerse team is progressing through Season 4 of the Binance Labs Incubation Program.. This exclusive, flagship incubator program includes eight weeks of guided mentorship from a wide range of experts, introductions to an extensive network of industry leaders, and holistic support around regulatory/legal advice, recruiting, technical execution, PR, marketing, and more.

Ready to start playing in the AlterVerse?

Request Early Access to the Sky City Metaverse:
Learn more about AlterVerse:
Join AlterVerse on Telegram:
Join the AlterVerse Discord:
Follow AlterVerse on Twitter:

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June 24, 2022

Introducing INGOTS!

Hey Misfits! We are happy to announce these Space Misfits Mineral Ingots that you will be able to forge from each of the farmable minerals. ⚒️

Ingots are worth 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000 units of minerals. And guess what? Mineral Ingots can be traded in the player market! we’re almost there, it will open its public testing within the next few days !

King Station Metallurgical Services (KSMS)

Mystery Skins

A new faccion called King Station Metallurgical Services (KSMS) will take your ingots and give you the proper amount of raw minerals in return.

This system will be in place until we do a rehaul of our Forge, Packer/recycler Systems.
For the moment our recycler can´t give minerals as a result of recycling an item (but we’ve got ingots!).

Starter Mini-guide

Mystery Skins

Check below how it’ll work! (new guides are coming too for the Ingots launch)

How to craft a mineral ingot:

  • Go to the forge, in the items tab you will see all the available ingots.
  • Chose the one you want to forge and make sure you have the available minerals.

How to get minerals from an Ingot:

  • Go to the mission table.
  • Chose the King Station Metallurgical Services faccion.
  • Chose the Mineral service you need.
  • Pick the mission corresponding to the ingot you want to melt.
  • Go to your Active missions, click the mission and click delivery.
  • Revisit the Active Missions tab, pick the mission and now click complete.
  • You will be awarded the corresponding amount of minerals.

    Mystery Skins

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June 18, 2022


Hey Misfits! The time has come!. You need to get your fighters and turrets ready! ⚔️
Zarko and his minions are threatening the construction of the new Space Station. 🛰️
Let's defend what is ours!

The best pilots will be mysteriously rewarded!

Wait, mysteriously rewarded? Yes, that's it!

This time, with Mystery Skins that will work with the upcoming Third Person Shooter - Disembark!

Mystery Skins

We’ll be leaking 4 Armor and 2 Weapon Skins during the event!

Kill Zarko just ONCE during the week of the event to earn 1 Mystery skin.

Come on Saturday 25th at 2pm EST for a 24h competition and kill Zarko as many times as you can.
Finish among the top players to get more rewards!

Rewards for Top Zarko killers on Saturday 25th:

Top 1 🥇

  • 5 Mystery skins (+1 from killing Zarko during the week of the event).
  • $200 in SMCW.
  • 100 King Coins.
  • 100k Bits.
  • 1 Katydid in-game ship.
  • 1 PF Flyer in-game ship.
  • 1 Death Kiss in-game ship.
  • 1 Ladybug in-game ship.
  • 60 Random Telemetry.

Top 2 🥈

  • 4 Mystery skins. (+1 from killing Zarko during the week of the event)
  • $100 in SMCW.
  • 50 King Coins.
  • 50k Bits.
  • 1 PF Flyer in-game ship.
  • 1 Death Kiss in-game ship.
  • 1 Ladybug in-game ship.
  • 40 Random Telemetry.

Top 3 🥉

  • 3 Mystery skins. (+1 from killing Zarko during the week of the event)
  • $100 in SMCW.
  • 25 King Coins.
  • 25k Bits.
  • 1 Death Kiss in-game ship.
  • 1 Ladybug in-game ship.
  • 20 Random Telemetry.

Top 4-10 🎖️

  • 2 Mystery skins each. (+1 from killing Zarko during the week of the event)
  • $20 in SMCW.
  • 10 King Coins.
  • 10k Bits.
  • 1 Ladybug in-game ship.

Top 11-50 🏅

  • 1 Mystery skin each. (+1 from killing Zarko during the week of the event)
  • $5 in SMCW.

Event details:

The Zarko boss you'll need to kill is the one in Hunters Rest and not any of his clones in the other zones.
Zarko event is starting next Monday 20th 2pm EST / Ending Monday 27th 2pm EST.
The day of Zarko's competition is starting Saturday 25th 2pm EST, ending Sunday 26th 2pm EST.
SMCW Rewards for the top players will be calculated at SMCW $ Value at EOE (end of event)
Rewards will be sent during the 18th to 24th of July or before.
Update: Due to some Enjin Wallets being disconnected, we moved rewards sending. New dates are from 25th to 31th of July. Sorry for any inconvenience.


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June 8, 2022

How to Onboard thousands of players? Good question!

Here’s what we’ve been doing in the background to provide our players a solid product. 🤝

You may be closely watching our updates talking about what’s coming, we’re really excited about the fact that we’re able to provide a future where many players will be able to play our game, it all depends on how everything it’s being built from scratch. You can’t deliver a great experience without a stable structure, and that’s also the most challenging task for developers in terms of being able to make everything run smoothly.

Here we’re talking about scaling, fighting bots, player management, ingame analytics, and a large etc… Normally, all our “developed in the background” achievements aren’t part of our announcements, so players can’t know about them if we don’t tell. So that’s why we wanted to write this special article.

We made all our internal tools from scratch, it fits what we need. Blockchain game development is not something we can just download from the store, or get inspiration from other gaming studios that have successful projects but haven’t ever faced on-chain development. Even those projects that are somehow successful can end up being a total mess as it happened before, so we can’t trust any of the current ones and we have to make our own decisions (of course learning from other’s fails too still works).

You already know about our procedurally generated engine that can provide millions of different zones for all of our game modes, it’s the tool we needed to power our Open World, Disembark and it already provides Rogue experiences. Not only can this engine build systems, it can build the universe with procedurally generated stations and planets.

That’s only part of what we have, we developed a whole “swissknife” toolset that provides us a lot of information that we’ll be using to deliver better gaming experiences, we can see how many players completed our ingame missions, killed our bosses, NPCs, were killed, and so on.

Two of our ad-hoc tools we created and helped us a lot already

Community management & front line tech support tools (and internal reward tools) 🔧

We needed a way to reward our users for the different events that can happen anytime, as well as for our support team to have a look at the different issues that some users may have, that’s something you have to build from scratch as a tool that enables mods to make these specific actions inside our game, with the addition of the blockchain in mind that is new to many users already. We will keep investing in these tools that are helping us with our user management every day.

Ingame statistics 📊

We created our own reports tool that lets us know how good the players are doing in different zones and gives us a lot of information in order to decide the future updates priorities. Thanks to this tool and our user feedback, we cover the needed ingredients to make a fun game, faster than if we didn’t have any analytic tool at all.

In summary, many other projects out there still need to build all of these tools from zero. This takes years to build and is very expensive. You simply can’t design or buy some assets and launch a game. A lot of tools are needed to launch a successful game that is ready for scale and this can take a very long time! It’s critical for Space Misfits to build with a solid foundation with tools and architecture that can scale to hundreds of thousands of players. You may not see a lot of frontend updates right now but we want you to know a lot of work is being completed in the backend.

We are happy to keep building a fun game to play with blockchain technology in mind, and of course to talk about these must-have internal development tools that are real achievements for our team.

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May 25, 2022

We never stop Building! Check out our Dev Update!

You may be wondering why we are so silent 🤐 ! Maybe Something big is coming?
You’re right, our oven is on fire 🔥 ! Check what's cooking right now!...

Let’s talk about this : 👀

  • SMCW Staking Gamification
  • Disembark
  • Open World
  • Space Misfits - Squadrons
  • Marketplace (Public Test)

SMCW Staking Gamification


Huge increase in SMCW utility is about to happen!

We’re always building and you know that already. Prepare yourself to earn on-chain NFTs/FTs or ingame items by just staking your SMCW tokens! This is really powering the Space Misfits ecosystem.

You earnt lots of SMCW during our ingame events and playing our endgame content; after we had our webshop swapped to SMCW purchases only, then we got the Staking DApp with a huge APR for you to earn and increase your bags! NOW, we bring you Real NFTs/FTs Earnings while Staking your SMCW !

Meanwhile you can enter our current staking DApp



You’re waiting for this already, we know!

You’ve heard about our third person shooter that will take place at procedurally generated abandoned ships/space stations! You’ll be able to get your favorite droid, gear up big guns and join the battle, you’ll fight other Misfits and loot, loot and loooot those SMCW.

Where are we now with Disembark? Well, our devs have been really busy with it, we would love to disclose much more, although it’s important that we keep the surprise factor ready for the launch. Here is what you can expect, and of course, something we can leak you just because you deserve for reading this post!

Disembark will bring a 3rd person shooter experience, with solo and team play, where you will enter procedurally generated ships to loot and try to escape. If you die, you lose your loot and gear. There are no rules inside these ships, you will have short, mid and long term objectives to work towards so every incursion is worth it, even if you die. And of course, the opportunity to hunt other Misfit and loot their dead bodies!

Expect different playable classes, plenty of weapons that can be modded and enemy encounters where you will have to use your wits and engage while keeping an eye out for other misfits.

Open World


There can’t be a 360º space universe without an Open World right?

You’re always right Misfit! That’s why you also heard about our plans on this already,
Our Open World development is kept in secret too 🤫 ! Now it’s time to let you have a look at…

The Open world Update is aimed to bring freedom to the player. We intend to build a fun Sandbox filled with different activities, where you choose what to engage in, and everything is rewarding.

Do you imagine yourself rescuing and repairing ships? Patrolling and clearing sectors? Or maybe taking part in illegal activities and escaping the law? Each activity will have unique mechanics and challenges. Open World will bring you the freedom of movement and freedom of choice to have fun your way.

🌐 As part of Open World, you can expect seamless traveling in and out of the space stations, which will be social hubs with activities, and a huge galaxy map with locations that you can identify and get to know.

Rogue will still have a place in Open World, but we will bring it back to its roots, improving its Roguelike mechanics.

We are also redesigning the flight and combat mechanics with a physics driven engine. This will give you more control and responsiveness of your ships movements and bring a more close and fun combat. Modding ships your way, will change how they behave and fly. Your ships will feel responsive to your build, will you have a fast attacking ship or a slower, tankier ship?

Space Misfits - Squadrons

Space Misfits-Squadrons

You didn’t hear about this one, we know!

We’re really excited to present to you our browser powered Squadron Management Game! The browser companion WebApp that will be a critical part of Space Misfits Universe and will be directly synced to it.

We’re leaking some details too! why not!?

  • Build up your fleet and EARN SMCW while going into expeditions!
  • In Squadrons you will be able to build a small fleet of ships to send in passive missions, while you are busy flying your ship.
  • Squadrons will allow you to make strategic decisions while setting up your ships and Officers in response to the mission you choose, which will have its own challenges, modifiers and rewards.
  • Most of your NFTs will be a part of Space Misfits Squadrons, some of them will have their first (but not only) implementation. Use them to tip the balance of the fight in your favor, add strategic depth and open up Mission Opportunities for you to take part in.

Lastly, we will have a PVEVP mode as well, where players will fight each other in an auto-battle with modifiers that alter your strategy.

Squadrons will continue to evolve alongside Open World and continuously grow in utility.

It's going to be a side of our product that offers strategic and resource management gameplay, to accompany our more fast paced action in the Open World.

Marketplace WebApp


Last but not least!

You thought we got our last Marketplace down just for a fix

OMG, you were missing a big part of the “why was that”, expect big changes to our new Marketplace WebApp that has been fully rebuilt from scratch and with added new functionality! A big step further to a future switch to SMCW into it!.

Prepare for a public test in the following days, we want you selling/buying and enjoying this new whole experience !!

We will be hosting a Discord Townhall next Friday 27th - 8pm UTC / 4pm EST Expect dev updates and participate in a Q&A as we answer all questions from the community.

Send us your questions for the AMA, we'll be making a selection.

Chosen questions can earn up to 50k Ingame Bits!!

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May 3, 2022

$SMCW Staking DApp is LIVE !

We are really happy to announce that you can now Stake your $SMCW (Crown) tokens within our DApp, it will let you Earn a huge APR by depositing your tokens. This is a major step in the road to a full $SMCW (Crown) token utility.

As you know, right now our $SMCW (Crown) token is live on both Huobi GlobalPancakeSwap and MEXC exchanges.

You can also “claim” your rewards and “unstake” whenever you want, in this first release we’re supporting MetaMask wallet, so if you own a Ledger Nano or Trezor and any other wallet that can be attached to MetaMask, you can use it to stake your tokens too.

$SMCW tokens are staked through BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network, so you can avoid high gass fees.

Our APR calculation formula:
APR = Token rewarded per year / Total tokens staked * 100%

Enter our staking DApp

Do you need some help?

You can check the security audit

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April 19, 2022

Claim your FREE NFT "Mark of the Alpha Class"

So that we may know the secrets in the shadows of the stars. So that we may prosper under our own success. So that we may be safe from those who wish us harm. So that ultimately, we remain free. Misfits fly for these causes. Let those pilots who bear this, the Mark of the Alpha Class, never have their devotion called into question.

We want to reward this NFT to all the participants who already walked with us for a long time and all the new Misfits that are joining everyday to play our “Private Alpha Testing”. This won’t last forever since this NFT will be exclusive and redeemable until we finish up the Alpha stage.

The holder of this NFT reward will receive the title "Alpha Class"

But there's more!

This exclusive NFT, will provide you with a "Unique Holosticker to Customize your Space Ship" !


As you may already know, we introduced Holostickers as a way to customize part of your spaceship appearance, your Alpha NFTs will let you get your exclusive Holosticker once we implement it in a future update.

Aaaand! once we implement our NFT Role verification within Discord, you’ll be able to verify and...

...Show up your Exclusive Discord Role for being such an Amazing Alpha Tester Misfit !

We’re really excited for what’s coming up in the next updates of Space Misfits, and much more to have you on board to enjoy them all!

Don’t wait anymore and get your hands into the exclusive “Mark of the Alpha Class”.

Here’s how:

  • Download the game and complete the first tutorial missions until lvl 5 King Station Faction Reputation.

  • Remember to link your Enjin Wallet to your ingame account.

  • Join our Discord Community
    [Get Discord rank level 5 by just talking on the chats with other Misfits. You'll get a role automatically]

  • Once you have all done, submit the following form.

If you have one of our Founder NFTs ( ) or Support NFTs ( ) you can skip the grind, you're whitelisted, fill the form and click on the MFT / SFT option.

If you need help, ask us anything at our Discord Community or check the game guides:

Mining update

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March 28, 2022

Huge Mining Update !

Dear Misfits out there in space! The new Mining update is RELEASING THIS WEEK !!

Clarisa Noble just ordered that her new mining scanner has to be implemented into the mining turrets as soon as possible so our miners can start using it within this week. You’re going to love it ! This feature brings all miners the implementation of the new mining mechanics we were all waiting.

Check out every detail available below, this is really important to all the Misfits commanders out there.

Main aspects

Mining update

  • The objective is to have a new mining system that is fun and engaging while at the same time having some complexity and progression.

  • The goal is to achieve a system that is also agile, in which skilled players will improve their mining speed and yield.

  • UI is still on the works, but we wanted to get the system out to you for testing.

The new mining mechanics will also be optional, but will be rewarding for players that actively play the game.

How it works

New Identification MechanicsExtraction - Critical Mining HitsHeat Ventilation

New Identification Mechanics

Mining will now have 2 major steps: Identifying and Extracting.

  • Identifying: Players will not be able to recognize in plain sight which asteroids are valuable, they will have to perform 2 actions: Ping and Scan.

  • Extracting: will consist of a critical hit/point and heat ventilation mini game


Ping system

Mining update

  • PING (long range): This will scan all asteroids in a 1000 radius. Asteroids with minerals in them will be outlined in white and a distance meter will be placed on them.

  • Ping outline will last 3 seconds. After that, a new ping is necessary to identify the asteroids again.

  • The PING system will have stats that allow for progression on different mining equipment, like additional information on asteroids, and outlines lasting longer. This stats can also be improved with telemetries. (coming soon)

Scan system (close range)

Mining update

  • Scan: this is a short range scanner. Players will have to press and hold the sonar key for 3 seconds to scan nearby asteroid.

  • Sonar will reveal information about the contents of every asteroid in a cone in front of the ship, which will reveal the type of mineral and quantity.

  • Once scanned, the asteroids can be mined and will be permanently identified, no need to re-scan them.

  • Scan will have stats for progression like more range and more detailed information of the contents of the asteroids and less time for scanning. Can be modified with telemetries. (Coming Soon)

Extraction - Critical Mining Hits

Mining update


  • Once the minerals are identified, the player will extract them, where two OPTIONAL minigames will take place .

Critical Points

  • Critical hit points will be appear in the asteroids themselves, as places to aim with the laser that will extract 50% more minerals per tick. The Critical Point moves around every 1 seconds. If the mining system is overheated, extraction on critical points is 0.5x of the normal speed.

Heat Ventilation

Mining update

Heat Vent

the second mini game consists of a heat dissipation mechanism.

  • As players mine, heat will start to accumulate on the mining tool. Represented by a gauge at the bottom of the crosshair. If the heat reaches its maximum, mining will be slower, but not stopped.

  • If a player stops mining, heat will slowly dissipate.

  • Once heat surpases 50%, players can activate a heat ventilation system. which will dissipate the heat, without the need to stop mining.

  • When the heat ventilation key is pressed, a gauge will appear on the bottom of the UI, and a marker will start to go down on the gauge, if the marker reaches the bottom, once it reaches the end, heat is vented.

  • The vent gauge will have a “perfect ventilation spot”, if the vent key is pressed again at that spot, venting will be completed at that instant.

  • If the player attempts to hit the sweet spot but misses, the ventilation process will fail and a 3 seconds Cooldown timer will be applied to the venting mechanism. Heat will continue to build if the player doesn´t stop mining.

Future Implementations

  • Better mining tools will accumulate heat slower.

  • Better mining tools will dissipate more heat on successful venting sweet spot hits.

  • Better mining tools will have a wider sweet spot making it easier to hit.

  • Telemetries can upgrade all this stats.

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Aug. 20, 2021

The Collection

New intelligence collected by Baron Varta and his team suggests that the enemy has been studying our tactics as we fight. They use onboard recording devices that capture everything about the way we fly, track targets, and coordinate firing solutions. Needless to say, we cannot let them analyze this. If they were to find a weak point, we’d all have a hell of a lot more trouble taking them down.

Better yet, I’m told that we can use this data for ourselves. By studying the data that they collect, we can find aspects of our ships that need improvement. With that, we can upgrade our fighters to compensate for – or even boost – any shortcomings. Even if they did manage to get their data back to their Capital Ships for analysis, all of their strategies would be outdated.

While you’re out in the Nameless Territory, keep an eye out for the data stored on Telemetry, it should be in the wreckage of defeated Nameless ships. It’s a race for intelligence, and Misfits don’t fly slow.

-- Commander Miller


#1 – Seek and Learn : The Collection

  • $50 JENJ Backing Unique NFT
  • 25 No Hugs Telemetry
  • 25 Striker Telemetry
  • 25 Death Kiss Telemetry
  • Unique In-Game Title
  • One secret NFT
  • #2 - Seek and Learn : The Collection

  • $50 JENJ Backing Unique NFT
  • 10 No Hugs Telemetry
  • 10 Striker Telemetry
  • Unique In-Game Title
  • One secret NFT
  • #3 - Seek and Learn : The Pioneers

  • $50 JENJ Backing Unique NFT
  • 10 No Hugs Telemetry
  • 10 Striker Telemetry
  • Unique In-Game Title
  • One secret NFT
  • #4 - Seek and Learn : The Pioneers

  • $50 JENJ Backing Unique NFT
  • 10 No Hugs Telemetry
  • 10 Striker Telemetry
  • Unique In-Game Title
  • One secret NFT
  • #5 - #20

  • $5 JENJ Backing Unique FT
  • 5 No Hugs Telemetry
  • 5 Striker Telemetry
  • One secret NFT
  • #21 - #50

  • $5 JENJ Backing Unique FT
  • One secret NFT
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    Aug. 15, 2021

    Moon Labs Acquires Petrol Labs INC

    Big news coming from Moon Labs. They have made a acquisition of $1.2B BITS to acquire Petrol Labs INC. Petrol Labs operates and controls fuel distribution in the Illium System.

    Moon Lab token holders will now receive fees from the station refueling fees inside all the Illium System stations.

    Moon Lab token holders can expect fee distribution in early Q3.

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    June 25, 2021

    Pilots Wanted

    Moon Labs is seeking independent contractors to assist in future development. We are a burgeoning technology company in the 7 Systems specializing in our patented BioTech Droids. With our financial backers, we have the technology capable of shaping the very fabric of our universe.

    We need pilots to collect vital materials for research and experimentation. The aliens colloquially known as the Nameless house a certain solid substance towards the cockpit of their ships. We call this substance altrogen. Through biomechanical processes, the solid slowly changes to a gaseous state to provide the Nameless pilots with their onboard life support environment.

    At Moon Labs, we can use this altrogen to better understand and equip the reaches of space for the betterment of us all. Each and every pilot that supplies us with altrogen scavenged from Nameless ships from Nameless Territory will become a part of Moon Labs by way of company shares. The more altrogen you supply, the more shares you receive.

    Are you an experienced pilot with a combat capable ship? Do you want to make a real difference? Do you want to earn what you deserve? If yes, then sign with Moon Labs at your nearest terminal.

    *Pilots sign with Moon Labs at their own behest. Pilots also enter Nameless Territory at their own risk. Moon Labs is not liable for malformation or destruction of pilot’s ships, cargo, or person. All altrogen transfers to Moon Labs are final.

    **Moon Labs will be paying out company shares once Rogue is fully tested and released. A total of 58,000 Company Shares are up for grabs from Moon Labs.

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    June 25, 2021

    Attention Misfits

    New intelligence collected by Baron Varta and his team suggests that the enemy has been studying our tactics as we fight. They use onboard recording devices that capture everything about the way we fly, track targets, and coordinate firing solutions. Needless to say, we cannot let them analyze this. If they were to find a weak point, we’d all have a hell of a lot more trouble taking them down.

    Better yet, I’m told that we can use this data for ourselves. By studying the data that they collect, we can find aspects of our ships that need improvement. With that, we can upgrade our ships to account for any shortcomings. Even if they did manage to get their data back to wherever they came from for analysis, all of their strategies would be outdated.

    While you’re out in the Nameless Territory, keep a lookout for the data stored on Telemetry. They should show up on your sensors.

    It’s a race for intelligence, and Misfits don’t fly slow.

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