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So that we may know the secrets in the shadows of the stars. So that we may prosper under our own success. So that we may be safe from those who wish us harm. So that ultimately, we remain free. Misfits fly for these causes. Let those pilots who bear this, the Mark of the Alpha Class, never have their devotion called into question.

We want to reward this NFT to all the participants who already walked with us for a long time and all the new Misfits that are joining everyday to play our “Private Alpha Testing”. This won’t last forever since this NFT will be exclusive and redeemable until we finish up the Alpha stage.

The holder of this NFT reward will receive the title "Alpha Class"

But there's more!

This exclusive NFT, will provide you with a "Unique Holosticker to Customize your Space Ship" !


As you may already know, we introduced Holostickers as a way to customize part of your spaceship appearance, your Alpha NFTs will let you get your exclusive Holosticker once we implement it in a future update.

Aaaand! once we implement our NFT Role verification within Discord, you’ll be able to verify and...

...Show up your Exclusive Discord Role for being such an Amazing Alpha Tester Misfit !

We’re really excited for what’s coming up in the next updates of Space Misfits, and much more to have you on board to enjoy them all!

Don’t wait anymore and get your hands into the exclusive “Mark of the Alpha Class”.

Here’s how:

  • Download the game and complete the first tutorial missions until lvl 5 King Station Faction Reputation.

  • Remember to link your Enjin Wallet to your ingame account.

  • Join our Discord Community
    [Get Discord rank level 5 by just talking on the chats with other Misfits. You'll get a role automatically]

  • Once you have all done, submit the following form.

If you have one of our Founder NFTs ( ) or Support NFTs ( ) you can skip the grind, you're whitelisted, fill the form and click on the MFT / MST option.

If you need help, ask us anything at our Discord Community or check the game guides:

Mining update

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