A Multiplayer
Sci-Fi Bullet Hell
Battle it out with friends or solo in various game modes in a fun and thrilling bullet hell sci-fi experience.
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A Multiplayer
Sci-Fi Bullet Hell
Battle it out with friends or solo in various game modes in a fun and
thrilling bullet hell sci-fi experience.
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Fly and fight your way

Single & Multiplayer Adventures
Fly your way! Embark on single player adventures or team up with friends and compete with each other.
Bullet Hell Shooter Experience
Battle hordes of enemies and bosses in a Bullet Hell Experience immersed inside a 3D Space Shooter.
Upgrade Your Game
Upgrade your ship and your weapons while you progress through fun gameplay modes and adventures!
PvE, PvP and PvEvP
PvEvP and PvP matches of different scales. Play with friends or strangers in a multitude of game modes

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A Huge Fleet leak has just appeared!
Hey Misftis! It's been a while since we announced that Fleet, Space Misfits browser game version was back in development, but here we have our promised big leak and update that you don't want to miss!
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The New Staking dApp V2 just arrived!
We are thrilled to announce the release of the much-awaited update to our Staking DApp V2! Brace yourself as you immerse in a whole new level of user experience with the numerous updates to the user i
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Discontinuation of the Staking dApp v1
The Staking dApp v1 has been an integral part of the Space Misfits community, providing users with a way to stake their SMCW and earn yield. However, with the launch of the new and improved Staking dA


Some of our most commonly asked questions

What is Space Misfits?

Experience the immersive world of Space Misfits, a free-to-play 3D space shooter & engage in fast-paced shooter combat, resource gathering, and exploration with friends or strangers across multiple game modes. Go on thrilling roguelike adventures in procedurally generated systems, battle NPC enemies, and explore the never-ending universe. Tailor your favorite ships and weapons to your playstyle and compete in a variety of PvEvP and PvP matches. With thematic seasons bringing new mechanics and cosmetic rewards, show us who you are in this exciting sci-fi arcade experience.

Do I Need To Buy Anything to Play?

At Space Misfits, we offer a free-to-play gaming experience for all players. While you can purchase collectibles (NFTs) on EnjinX Marketplace to support our development, it is not mandatory to make any purchases to play the game. Join us during our community events and earn incredible rewards for free to help you progress and improve your gameplay!

How Can I Start Playing?

you can easily download by navigating to the download page. No additional purchases are necessary, and all you need is a Windows PC to start playing today!

How Can I Earn Playing Space Misfits?

Space Misfits offers various ways to earn rewards, including participation in community events. You can become a miner, escort other players to challenging areas, become a trader, and craft unique ships with impressive stats so you can then sell these items in our SMCW-powered Player Marketplace or through the P2P trading. SMCW (CROWN) is the native token of Space Misfits, which can be purchased on available exchanges, earned during events, or earned by selling goods in the Player Marketplace.

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