Space Misfits is a 3D Low Poly Space Sandbox MMO. We have partnered with ENJIN to allow our players to hunt, collect and mine for items and resources with real world cryptocurrency value empowering our players with true game item ownership! Become a space pirate, a trader or miner! Your Space Sandbox awaits you!

Battle in space with real pilot inputs! No click and orbit here! You control your ship and every roll and yaw to take down your foe!

Endless riches away you when you locate resource rich planets and setup resource gathering and logistics to move valuable cargo back to trading stations.

Space Misfits features a player ran economy. Become a great trader in space or transport resources from all over the galaxy. The choice is yours!

Players will have the option to simply turn on ENJIN coin collection and passively collect Enjin Coins just for logging in and playing Space Misfits

Storyline? No! You
are the story!

This is a sandbox! Instead of creating a linear storyline we decided to kick the novel in trash can. To be honest we at Space Misfits don't care too much about storylines, why? Because our players will create enough drama in space! Corporate greed, space pirates taking down valuable loads or players pawning each other are more then enough for a great story! You tell the story! Not us!

Become an Alpha

As an alpha test you get the first glimpse of our massive space adventure! We need you and your feedback to help us improve our beta rollout and eventually our full game! Get exclusive insights, news and in game items and ships that only Alpha Testers will have access to! Sign up today!

Powered By Enjin

No longer will you have endless supply of useless items in a database that you never truly own! We have partnered with Enjin to allow our players to create true ownership in their items in game and be able to sell, trade or melt their in game assets for real cryptocurrency! Not only can you collect cryptocurrency valued items but you can also connect to our Ethereum mining pools and passively earn cryptocurrency while playing our game!

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