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An Exciting Play to Earn Space Action MMO

Space Misfits brings an exciting and intense action space game to the blockchain. Explore new worlds, battle it out for scarce resources, build your fleet and earn a fortune in space.

Fight For Resources

Battle it out in new worlds for scarce resources and conquer the universe

Explore Galaxies

Every new world is procedurally generated with new places to explore and conquer

Build Your Fleet

Collect resources and build a wide range of ships, turrets and modules to expand your fleet

Play to Earn

Earn digital tokens and cryptocurrency playing Space Misfits and earn a real world income

Space misfits video

Check out videos from SpaceMisfits content creators where they share their stories and secrets. From epic moments to tips & tricks, learn from community members so you can play like the best and be better than the rest.


Some of our most common questions asked

What is Space Misfits?

Space Misfits is a 3D Multiplayer Space game built with ENJIN Blockchain technology giving players an opportunity to “Play to Earn”.

Our game currently features 2 versions. One PVE version that allows you to explore space, mine asteroids, fight NPCs, build ships, repair/fuel your ships and buy minerals on the market. Our current state of the game is a very simple alpha version that is in testing.

Players can progress in the alpha version by purchasing blueprints in our store currently. Striker and Deathkiss Blueprint NFTs are available for purchase.

How Can I Start Playing?

You can simply navigate to https://spacemisfits.com/download/ and download our game. This is a free to play game and you do not need anything except for a windows PC to play.

Do I Need To Buy Anything to Play?

Space Misfits is free to play. You can purchase NFTs in our store to support development but nothing is required to be purchased to play.

How Can I Earn Playing Space Misfits?

Players earn BITS (ingame currency) from a multitude of things they can do in the game. Whether you want to be a trader or hunt down NPC you can earn BITS. Future releases will allow you to exchange your BITS for ERC20 tokens which can be sold on a exchange at a later date. Currently you can earn a assortment of NFTs playing Space Misfits along with ingame drops.

Latest News

Learn what is happening in and around Space Misfits

The Collection

New intelligence collected by Baron Varta and his team suggests that the enemy has been studying our tactics as we fight. They use onboard recording devices that capture everything about the way we fly, track targets, and coordinate firing solutions. Needless to say, we cannot let them analyze this. If they were to find a weak point, we’d all have a hell of a lot more trouble taking them down.

Better yet, I’m told that we can use this data for ourselves. By studying the data that they collect, we can find aspects of our ships that need improvement. With that, we can upgrade our fighters to compensate for – or even boost – any shortcomings. Even if they did manage to get their data back to their Capital Ships for analysis, all of their strategies would be outdated.

While you’re out in the Nameless Territory, keep an eye out for the data stored on Telemetry, it should be in the wreckage of defeated Nameless ships. It’s a race for intelligence, and Misfits don’t fly slow.

-- Commander Miller


#1 – Seek and Learn : The Collection

  • $50 JENJ Backing Unique NFT
  • 25 No Hugs Telemetry
  • 25 Striker Telemetry
  • 25 Death Kiss Telemetry
  • Unique In-Game Title
  • One secret NFT
  • #2 - Seek and Learn : The Collection

  • $50 JENJ Backing Unique NFT
  • 10 No Hugs Telemetry
  • 10 Striker Telemetry
  • Unique In-Game Title
  • One secret NFT
  • #3 - Seek and Learn : The Pioneers

  • $50 JENJ Backing Unique NFT
  • 10 No Hugs Telemetry
  • 10 Striker Telemetry
  • Unique In-Game Title
  • One secret NFT
  • #4 - Seek and Learn : The Pioneers

  • $50 JENJ Backing Unique NFT
  • 10 No Hugs Telemetry
  • 10 Striker Telemetry
  • Unique In-Game Title
  • One secret NFT
  • #5 - #20

  • $5 JENJ Backing Unique FT
  • 5 No Hugs Telemetry
  • 5 Striker Telemetry
  • One secret NFT
  • #21 - #50

  • $5 JENJ Backing Unique FT
  • One secret NFT
  • ...

    Moon Labs Acquires Petrol Labs INC

    Big news coming from Moon Labs. They have made a acquisition of $1.2B BITS to acquire Petrol Labs INC. Petrol Labs operates and controls fuel distribution in the Illium System.

    Moon Lab token holders will now receive fees from the station refueling fees inside all the Illium System stations.

    Moon Lab token holders can expect fee distribution in early Q3.


    Pilots Wanted

    Moon Labs is seeking independent contractors to assist in future development. We are a burgeoning technology company in the 7 Systems specializing in our patented BioTech Droids. With our financial backers, we have the technology capable of shaping the very fabric of our universe.

    We need pilots to collect vital materials for research and experimentation. The aliens colloquially known as the Nameless house a certain solid substance towards the cockpit of their ships. We call this substance altrogen. Through biomechanical processes, the solid slowly changes to a gaseous state to provide the Nameless pilots with their onboard life support environment.

    At Moon Labs, we can use this altrogen to better understand and equip the reaches of space for the betterment of us all. Each and every pilot that supplies us with altrogen scavenged from Nameless ships from Nameless Territory will become a part of Moon Labs by way of company shares. The more altrogen you supply, the more shares you receive.

    Are you an experienced pilot with a combat capable ship? Do you want to make a real difference? Do you want to earn what you deserve? If yes, then sign with Moon Labs at your nearest terminal.

    *Pilots sign with Moon Labs at their own behest. Pilots also enter Nameless Territory at their own risk. Moon Labs is not liable for malformation or destruction of pilot’s ships, cargo, or person. All altrogen transfers to Moon Labs are final.

    **Moon Labs will be paying out company shares once Rogue is fully tested and released. A total of 58,000 Company Shares are up for grabs from Moon Labs.


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