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Free Telemetry to everyone depositing at least 200 SMCW to their game account!

To celebrate the launch of the Player Wallet, we offer a time-limited treat to everyone depositing at least 200 SMCW to their game account.

Meet the requirement, and you will receive 10x Random Telemetry.

Telemetry comes in the form of Fungible Tokens (FT) infused with Enjin coin, and thus holds real value. It is used to improve the traits of items that are manufactured in the Forge using blueprints. If you don’t need the Telemetry, feel free to sell it on the Enjin Jumpnet Marketplace!

After the deposit, you can spend the SMCW on the Player Marketplace, where you can buy epic gear that will help you enjoy your Space Misfits adventures even more. Or, if you so choose, feel free to withdraw it back to your Metamask (a fee will incur).

That’s all! We will verify that you meet the minimum requirement and dispatch the Telemetry to your Enjin wallet within a few days after the event ends.

Please note!

  • This offer is limited to one deposit per BEP20/BSC address.
  • When withdrawing SMCW from the Player Wallet, a 5% fee will incur.

This offer is valid throughout all of November 2022.

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