Huge Mining Update !

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Dear Misfits out there in space! The new Mining update is RELEASING THIS WEEK !!

Clarisa Noble just ordered that her new mining scanner has to be implemented into the mining turrets as soon as possible so our miners can start using it within this week. You’re going to love it ! This feature brings all miners the implementation of the new mining mechanics we were all waiting.

Check out every detail available below, this is really important to all the Misfits commanders out there.

Main aspects

Mining update

  • The objective is to have a new mining system that is fun and engaging while at the same time having some complexity and progression.

  • The goal is to achieve a system that is also agile, in which skilled players will improve their mining speed and yield.

  • UI is still on the works, but we wanted to get the system out to you for testing.

The new mining mechanics will also be optional, but will be rewarding for players that actively play the game.

How it works

New Identification MechanicsExtraction - Critical Mining HitsHeat Ventilation

New Identification Mechanics

Mining will now have 2 major steps: Identifying and Extracting.

  • Identifying: Players will not be able to recognize in plain sight which asteroids are valuable, they will have to perform 2 actions: Ping and Scan.

  • Extracting: will consist of a critical hit/point and heat ventilation mini game


Ping system

Mining update

  • PING (long range): This will scan all asteroids in a 1000 radius. Asteroids with minerals in them will be outlined in white and a distance meter will be placed on them.

  • Ping outline will last 3 seconds. After that, a new ping is necessary to identify the asteroids again.

  • The PING system will have stats that allow for progression on different mining equipment, like additional information on asteroids, and outlines lasting longer. This stats can also be improved with telemetries. (coming soon)

Scan system (close range)

Mining update

  • Scan: this is a short range scanner. Players will have to press and hold the sonar key for 3 seconds to scan nearby asteroid.

  • Sonar will reveal information about the contents of every asteroid in a cone in front of the ship, which will reveal the type of mineral and quantity.

  • Once scanned, the asteroids can be mined and will be permanently identified, no need to re-scan them.

  • Scan will have stats for progression like more range and more detailed information of the contents of the asteroids and less time for scanning. Can be modified with telemetries. (Coming Soon)

Extraction - Critical Mining Hits

Mining update


  • Once the minerals are identified, the player will extract them, where two OPTIONAL minigames will take place .

Critical Points

  • Critical hit points will be appear in the asteroids themselves, as places to aim with the laser that will extract 50% more minerals per tick. The Critical Point moves around every 1 seconds. If the mining system is overheated, extraction on critical points is 0.5x of the normal speed.

Heat Ventilation

Mining update

Heat Vent

the second mini game consists of a heat dissipation mechanism.

  • As players mine, heat will start to accumulate on the mining tool. Represented by a gauge at the bottom of the crosshair. If the heat reaches its maximum, mining will be slower, but not stopped.

  • If a player stops mining, heat will slowly dissipate.

  • Once heat surpases 50%, players can activate a heat ventilation system. which will dissipate the heat, without the need to stop mining.

  • When the heat ventilation key is pressed, a gauge will appear on the bottom of the UI, and a marker will start to go down on the gauge, if the marker reaches the bottom, once it reaches the end, heat is vented.

  • The vent gauge will have a “perfect ventilation spot”, if the vent key is pressed again at that spot, venting will be completed at that instant.

  • If the player attempts to hit the sweet spot but misses, the ventilation process will fail and a 3 seconds Cooldown timer will be applied to the venting mechanism. Heat will continue to build if the player doesn´t stop mining.

Future Implementations

  • Better mining tools will accumulate heat slower.

  • Better mining tools will dissipate more heat on successful venting sweet spot hits.

  • Better mining tools will have a wider sweet spot making it easier to hit.

  • Telemetries can upgrade all this stats.

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