NFT Discord Roles are Here!

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Some of your Space Misfits assets have just given your Discord account SuperPowers!

Starting today, special roles based on your NFT/FT ownership will be automatically added to your linked Discord account, giving you access to features like private community channels, giveaways, and future content. There are currently five special roles available: if you own an MFT, MST, PoT, SSoT, or a Mark of the Alpha Class, you will receive your special role after the linking process.

You can expect this feature to continue evolving and providing additional gamification layers to the Discord community. This feature is compatible with both your Enjin JumpNet and MainNet NFTs. Unlike other Discord NFT Roles providers, we have created our own system that only requires you to link your Enjin Wallet and Discord Account, a simple process.

If you haven't already, make sure to link your Enjin Wallet to your game account, then go to your user settings and press the "Link Discord" button. After linking, you can expect your roles to appear within 5-10 minutes, provided you own at least one of the supported NFTs/FTs.
You can also follow this guide.

If you don’t have any collectibles yet, remember that you can get your first one for free by completing the “Mark of the Alpha Class” event.

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