Winners of the Pre-Launch Campaign Revealed!

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Congratulations to all participants on finishing the Pre-launch campaign! Your dedication and hard work have paid off as you've earned some amazing rewards.

The top leaderboard spots come with exclusive SMCW rewards, while those who completed the required tasks get a special gift of two exclusive commemorative art NFTs and a whitelist for a future Fleet/Mayhem event special extra rewards. And if you were lucky enough, you also got a chance to win one of ten OSM NFTs for Fleet or one of five bundles of "2 month battle-pass subscriptions" for Mayhem. We will be sending out two exclusive commemorative art NFTs to the wallet addresses you provided during the campaign as well as OSM NFTs once the BNB Smart Chain NFT/FT minting from Enjin to BNB is complete. So keep an eye on your wallets, and enjoy these exciting rewards!

Battle pass subscriptions will be sent through e-mail once itโ€™s available ingame.
SMCW rewards will be sent to the provided wallet addresses this week.

Here are the lucky draw winners:

Lucky draw winnersWallet AddressReward
Baluarte...a4EAD5d6462 Month Battle Pass Subscription
brenasmithi...e4d7Fd5955C2 Month Battle Pass Subscription
matiascarlos#3754...780Cc9A3c902 Month Battle Pass Subscription
Tk ji...83992789dE62 Month Battle Pass Subscription
Jinu...22E273efc3872 Month Battle Pass Subscription
mescalitos...0bd29DAfe7fEOlympus Syndicate Membership NFT
Matzumoto Nagatazhi...Fb14Dc1445ccOlympus Syndicate Membership NFT
hunter...0940CF2Db51Olympus Syndicate Membership NFT
David Bene...c7FAAd7620BOlympus Syndicate Membership NFT
Raghwendra Meena...08153F294E30Olympus Syndicate Membership NFT
Leandro Pintos...c7b2d376A9f9Olympus Syndicate Membership NFT
SandyVascom...8F05176b90b11Olympus Syndicate Membership NFT
Jr_BlueSoul...C03419D80cF20Olympus Syndicate Membership NFT
sanworktel...b24F065D585bcOlympus Syndicate Membership NFT
shin chain...0F67324c2b485Olympus Syndicate Membership NFT

Here are the top spot leaderboard winners:

Leaderboard Winners
Wallet Address Reward Calculation
1 Matsakuri ...0B38f370Fc877Fc8 $1000 in SMCW 180,018 SMCW
2 Jinu ...3Bd822E273efc387 $500 in SMCW 90,009 $SMCW
3 Jr_BlueSoul ...B0C03419D80cF20 $260 in SMCW 46,804 SMCW
4 Baluarte ...7626a4EAD5d646 $20 in SMCW 3,600 SMCW
5 shin chain ...80F67324c2b485 $20 in SMCW 3,600 SMCW
6 Yahi Didi ...228AE3c4058105E $20 in SMCW 3,600 SMCW
7 Praveen Roy ...1fFFeb5cc3a5B7Db $20 in SMCW 3,600 SMCW
8 Eirik the Viking ...207a973e0DDA59d $20 in SMCW 3,600 SMCW
9 Pk defaulter ...eea85016E4531C $20 in SMCW 3,600 SMCW
10 rawadi ...8a8d4c9f1089A30B2 $20 in SMCW 3,600 SMCW
11 David Bene ...4712Cc7FAAd7620B $10 in SMCW 3,600 SMCW
12 Kwong Vee Lye ...354ED08fA4B3C905 $10 in SMCW 1.800 SMCW
13 Straynger ...952190b224D792DE $10 in SMCW 1.800 SMCW
14 Tk ji ...CaEfb83992789dE6 $10 in SMCW 1.800 SMCW
15 raja ...59B3b33897BD16E $10 in SMCW 1.800 SMCW
16 roku ...81b3790f1b92320c $10 in SMCW 1.800 SMCW
17 OGmz ...Da9063F0dE965c3 $10 in SMCW 1.800 SMCW
18 dakk ...5388968397004fE $10 in SMCW 1.800 SMCW
19 KonanNFTs ...4b6Bcbd42c82120 $10 in SMCW 1.800 SMCW
20 Rishu kumar ...ADeC95B8f5ae163 $10 in SMCW 1.800 SMCW

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