Important Updates on Migrating to Mayhem & Fleet and Discontinuation of the SMCW Ingame Pool

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Attention all Misfits, we have some important updates regarding the SMCW Ingame Pool, we’re one step closer to launching Mayhem & Fleet and we want to keep you informed about some crucial changes coming your way.

As part of our transition, the SMCW Ingame Pool that generates Telemetry through the Enjin Daemon, will be unavailable as we migrate to BNB Smart Chain.

The current pool is no longer minting FTs due to an issue with the Enjin Daemon synchronization, so we've turned off the service and are offering alternative ways to receive your rewards.If you haven't claimed your rewards yet, please submit a Discord support ticket instead of using the regular Ingame Pool Telemetry claim procedure, as your Telemetry will not arrive to your wallet. We will be handling each case through our support to make sure you receive your unclaimed rewards.

Any new Telemetry generated by the pool starting September 19th at 1:00 EDT (5:00 UTC), will not be available for claim and we will only deliver generated rewards until then. Please feel free to remove your SMCW from the ingame pool using the “Claim/Vesting Panel” since it won't be generating any more Telemetry until the new version is released (no estimated time of arrival yet).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience during this transition.
Thank you for understanding and cooperation during this transitional phase to Mayhem & Fleet release!

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