SMCW Evolves! STAKING DApp V2 has everything!

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After this update we can really say that SMCW = UTILITY! You will immediately notice a lot of updates to the user interface that help to greatly improve the overall user experience. However, what really makes the DApp v2 stand out is the new and revolutionary features that have been added. Let’s have a look, shall we?

We know you’ve been waiting so long for this update as we have too, although security comes first and we wanted to achieve First Class Security. Our audit is being finished by right now and once it's done, you’ll be enjoying every new feature that our Staking DApp V2 has to offer you!

Let’s talk about them.

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Some of the newest features:

  • SMCW lockup periods.
  • Liquidity Pool tokens staking.
  • Ingame Pools (stake your SMCW for FTs and NFTs).
  • WalletConnect integration.
  • Sustainable Rewards.
  • Partner & Event pools (everything is now prepared).
  • Gamification Layer.

SMCW Lockup Periods that will earn you an extra BOOST!

Staking DApp V2 Lockup Periods (IMAGE: showing SMCW “testing UI design” Lock periods panel )

You’re staking for long periods and you weren’t being rewarded right? Now you will! The longer you stake the more yield you deserve.

Get ready to select your preferred period when you stake. You’ll be able to see the live APR. You’ll also be able to control your lock periods through the new Vesting Panel.

Staking DApp V2 Vesting Panel (IMAGE: showing SMCW “testing UI design” Vesting Panel )

Remember when we talked about Liquidity Pool tokens?

Staking DApp V2 Liquidity Pool (IMAGE: showing SMCW “testing UI design” LP panel )

Right! So here we are. You’re now going to be able to add Liquidity into PancakeSwap and use your Liquidity Pool tokens to earn SMCW rewards!

This feature was much needed and requested by our users. We’re happy to be finally delivering it!

It also comes with staking lock periods that you can select and control.

Sustainable Rewards

The staking program will last for at least two years. During that time the amount of SMCW rewarded daily will periodically be raised as the user base and circulating supply grows. It will not be lowered.

The current SMCW rewards are inflationary, coming from the Staking allocation. However, we will gradually shift to rewarding stakers with the fees that are generated by users. Fees will be generated from transactions in the P2P marketplace, tournament entry fees, season passes, NFT purchases etc. The JENJ fees generated from the transfer of NFT/FT assets can also potentially be used to buy back SMCW and redistribute to stakers. Eventually, SMCW staking rewards will come solely from user generated fees with zero inflation.

What happens when you try to mix SMCW with ERC1155?

Staking DApp V2 Ingame Pools (IMAGE: showing SMCW “testing UI design” Ingame Pool panel )

Well, what about Ingame NFT/FT Pools?

This is something amazing and we hope that you will really enjoy it a lot! SMCW just got 100% more utility since you’ll be able to earn FTs & NFTs just by staking your SMCW!

The Hidden data pool is ready! This is one of the many incredible FT/NFT pools that will be created within the Staking DApp for you to enjoy. You will be able to transform the SMCW you earn from ingame events (for example) by staking them and turning them into ingame FTs or NFTs! Then instantly receive them in your Enjin Wallet ready to use in Space Misfits!

SMCW DApp will now work with 170+ Crypto Wallets!

Staking DApp V2 WalletConnect (IMAGE: showing SMCW “testing UI design” WalletConnect)

(Once upon a time, when there was only one option, the well known MetaMask… suddenly WalletConnect appeared!)

Happy news, Misfits! We integrated WalletConnect and you will be able to use it not only with the new Enjin Wallet 2.0 that already integrates it, but also with any supported wallet of your choice. This brings a new layer of functionality to our DApp since Metamask is no longer the only option.

Partner & Event pools…

Staking DApp V2 Event & Partner Pools (IMAGE: showing SMCW “testing UI design” Partner Pools)

To wrap it up, our Staking DApp has evolved from a very simple to a very advanced swiss army knife for SMCW utility!

We believe that staking SMCW for FTs and NFTs is truly unique and has a really huge potential.

We’re ready to onboard Partners and Staking events into the Staking DApp v2. It’s just a matter of time until this turns into a huge opportunity for all of you Misfits! Stay tuned!

Gamification Layer

Staking DApp V2 Gamification Layer (IMAGE: showing SMCW “testing UI design” Gamification Layer)

Staking doesn't have to be boring, at least not while you're earning ingame FTs and NFTs, so we designed everything with gamification in mind.

This will also improve with future updates when we add more interesting features to our staking DApp, for now we can't wait to show you our Staking DApp V2.

We hope that you like it as much as we do, Misfits!

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