$SMCW Staking DApp is LIVE !

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We are really happy to announce that you can now Stake your $SMCW (Crown) tokens within our DApp, it will let you Earn a huge APR by depositing your tokens. This is a major step in the road to a full $SMCW (Crown) token utility.

As you know, right now our $SMCW (Crown) token is live on both Huobi GlobalPancakeSwap and MEXC exchanges.

You can also “claim” your rewards and “unstake” whenever you want, in this first release we’re supporting MetaMask wallet, so if you own a Ledger Nano or Trezor and any other wallet that can be attached to MetaMask, you can use it to stake your tokens too.

$SMCW tokens are staked through BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network, so you can avoid high gass fees.

Our APR calculation formula:
APR = Token rewarded per year / Total tokens staked * 100%

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