Space Misfits 2.0 Alpha Release Early Access Event

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Are you ready for the Space Misfits 2.0 alpha release? Would you like to have early access before anyone else?

Prove to the Misfit community that you deserve it by battling in 'The Scar' this weekend. The event will take place from Saturday, January 14th at 12:00 AM EST to Sunday, January 15th at 24:00 PM EST (48 hours). (The whole Saturday and Sunday).

Complete The Scar Q4 at least once to appear on the leaderboard. Only Q4 counts, not higher quadrants. Make sure to finish it as many times as possible before the event ends. Remember that you need to return alive to the Space Station or your completion won't count.

A leaderboard will be published announcing the winners on Monday 17th.

💡Hint: PF Flyer is the recommended fighter for the “The Scar” zone. Reach out to the nearest blueprint holder if you need assistance crafting. You can off course also buy it on the marketplace. Make sure to gear it up for the event!

🏆 Top Rewards:

  • Top 1: 2500 SMCW + Early Access Pass whitelist + Event art FT.
  • Top 2: 1500 SMCW + Early Access Pass whitelist + Event art FT.
  • Top 3: 1500 SMCW + Early Access Pass whitelist + Event art FT.
  • Top 4 - 10: 1000 SMCW + Event art FT.
  • Top 11 - 20: 150 SMCW.

If you hold MFT, MST, PoT, SSoT NFT/FT, you are already on the whitelist, although you may still want to participate and earn the rest of the rewards!.

⚠️ Ensure that your Enjin Wallet and Discord are linked (Please double-check your website account user settings as there is a new Discord linking process that we announced a few days ago.

We will be repeating this event a few more times before the release of SM 2.0 but don’t fall asleep Misfit, make sure you earn one of the Early Access Pass now!

⚠️ If you have already won an Early Access Pass, your reward will be given to the next participant on the leaderboard.

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