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Upcoming Changes: Transitioning from "Rogue" to Mayhem & Fleet
Hey Misfits, We want to inform you about the upcoming changes with the launch of Mayhem and Fleet. As part of the transition, we will be closing Rogue 1.0 and minting again all your Enjin MainNet and
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Earn Exclusive Rewards in Our Final Rogue Event Before Mayhem & Fleet Launch!
Join us for one last Rogue adventure and earn exclusive SMCW & NFT rewards before we set sail into Mayhem & Fleet Multiverse! Our journey through the stars with Rogue is approaching its clima
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Mayhem & Fleet Ready In 3, 2, 1… Join the PRE-Launch event now!
Get ready for a ride to Space Misfits new frontiers, Mayhem (a 3D Sci-Fi SPACE Shooter) and Fleet (a Browser Based Space Warfare MMO) launching September 30th! Mark your calendars and get ready for li
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A Huge Fleet leak has just appeared!
Hey Misftis! It's been a while since we announced that Fleet, Space Misfits browser game version was back in development, but here we have our promised big leak and update that you don't want to miss!
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The New Staking dApp V2 just arrived!
We are thrilled to announce the release of the much-awaited update to our Staking DApp V2! Brace yourself as you immerse in a whole new level of user experience with the numerous updates to the user i
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Space Misfits Ready to Take on GDC 2023 in San Francisco!
Space Misfits will have a presence at GDC this year in San Francisco showcasing our upcoming 2.0 release! We will take part in the Indie Games Section and also be part of the judging and Indie Game aw
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Space Misfits - the most Basic way to Play and Earn
There are currently several ways to earn from playing Space Misfits. This guide will take you through the most basic one, and describe in detail how you can mine minerals and sell them to other player
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Claim your FREE NFT "Mark of the Alpha Class"
So that we may know the secrets in the shadows of the stars. So that we may prosper under our own success. So that we may be safe from those who wish us harm. So that ultimately, we remain free. Misfi
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