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You may be wondering why we are so silent 🤐 ! Maybe Something big is coming?
You’re right, our oven is on fire 🔥 ! Check what's cooking right now!...

Let’s talk about this : 👀

  • SMCW Staking Gamification
  • Disembark
  • Open World
  • Space Misfits - Squadrons
  • Marketplace (Public Test)

SMCW Staking Gamification


Huge increase in SMCW utility is about to happen!

We’re always building and you know that already. Prepare yourself to earn on-chain NFTs/FTs or ingame items by just staking your SMCW tokens! This is really powering the Space Misfits ecosystem.

You earnt lots of SMCW during our ingame events and playing our endgame content; after we had our webshop swapped to SMCW purchases only, then we got the Staking DApp with a huge APR for you to earn and increase your bags! NOW, we bring you Real NFTs/FTs Earnings while Staking your SMCW !

Meanwhile you can enter our current staking DApp



You’re waiting for this already, we know!

You’ve heard about our third person shooter that will take place at procedurally generated abandoned ships/space stations! You’ll be able to get your favorite droid, gear up big guns and join the battle, you’ll fight other Misfits and loot, loot and loooot those SMCW.

Where are we now with Disembark? Well, our devs have been really busy with it, we would love to disclose much more, although it’s important that we keep the surprise factor ready for the launch. Here is what you can expect, and of course, something we can leak you just because you deserve for reading this post!

Disembark will bring a 3rd person shooter experience, with solo and team play, where you will enter procedurally generated ships to loot and try to escape. If you die, you lose your loot and gear. There are no rules inside these ships, you will have short, mid and long term objectives to work towards so every incursion is worth it, even if you die. And of course, the opportunity to hunt other Misfit and loot their dead bodies!

Expect different playable classes, plenty of weapons that can be modded and enemy encounters where you will have to use your wits and engage while keeping an eye out for other misfits.

Open World


There can’t be a 360º space universe without an Open World right?

You’re always right Misfit! That’s why you also heard about our plans on this already,
Our Open World development is kept in secret too 🤫 ! Now it’s time to let you have a look at…

The Open world Update is aimed to bring freedom to the player. We intend to build a fun Sandbox filled with different activities, where you choose what to engage in, and everything is rewarding.

Do you imagine yourself rescuing and repairing ships? Patrolling and clearing sectors? Or maybe taking part in illegal activities and escaping the law? Each activity will have unique mechanics and challenges. Open World will bring you the freedom of movement and freedom of choice to have fun your way.

🌐 As part of Open World, you can expect seamless traveling in and out of the space stations, which will be social hubs with activities, and a huge galaxy map with locations that you can identify and get to know.

Rogue will still have a place in Open World, but we will bring it back to its roots, improving its Roguelike mechanics.

We are also redesigning the flight and combat mechanics with a physics driven engine. This will give you more control and responsiveness of your ships movements and bring a more close and fun combat. Modding ships your way, will change how they behave and fly. Your ships will feel responsive to your build, will you have a fast attacking ship or a slower, tankier ship?

Space Misfits - Squadrons

Space Misfits-Squadrons

You didn’t hear about this one, we know!

We’re really excited to present to you our browser powered Squadron Management Game! The browser companion WebApp that will be a critical part of Space Misfits Universe and will be directly synced to it.

We’re leaking some details too! why not!?

  • Build up your fleet and EARN SMCW while going into expeditions!
  • In Squadrons you will be able to build a small fleet of ships to send in passive missions, while you are busy flying your ship.
  • Squadrons will allow you to make strategic decisions while setting up your ships and Officers in response to the mission you choose, which will have its own challenges, modifiers and rewards.
  • Most of your NFTs will be a part of Space Misfits Squadrons, some of them will have their first (but not only) implementation. Use them to tip the balance of the fight in your favor, add strategic depth and open up Mission Opportunities for you to take part in.

Lastly, we will have a PVEVP mode as well, where players will fight each other in an auto-battle with modifiers that alter your strategy.

Squadrons will continue to evolve alongside Open World and continuously grow in utility.

It's going to be a side of our product that offers strategic and resource management gameplay, to accompany our more fast paced action in the Open World.

Marketplace WebApp


Last but not least!

You thought we got our last Marketplace down just for a fix

OMG, you were missing a big part of the “why was that”, expect big changes to our new Marketplace WebApp that has been fully rebuilt from scratch and with added new functionality! A big step further to a future switch to SMCW into it!.

Prepare for a public test in the following days, we want you selling/buying and enjoying this new whole experience !!

We will be hosting a Discord Townhall next Friday 27th - 8pm UTC / 4pm EST Expect dev updates and participate in a Q&A as we answer all questions from the community.

Send us your questions for the AMA, we'll be making a selection.

Chosen questions can earn up to 50k Ingame Bits!!

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