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Are you ready to compete and ascend to the top of the leaderboard? win an Early Access Pass plus other exclusive rewards on our third round of Space Misfits 2.0 alpha release pre-launch event series!

Gather your ships and set off on an exciting mining event! You will need to collect as many resources as possible and strategize your approach. Each mineral you mine will earn you different event points, so decide carefully which one to prioritize.

The event will start on Friday 7th at 17:00 EST (21:00 UTC) and ending on Monday, 10th at 17:00 EST (21:00 UTC), giving you 72 hours to take part and show off your skills. The leaderboard will be published on Tuesday 14th, announcing the winners.

Only mine in the specified zones during the event to earn points. (Mining in other zones will not give you any point) You are free to mine in any Quadrant, but return alive before the event ends or your last collected minerals will not count.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Zones & Minerals:

  • Pirates Den Low Qs: Peroxium, Obscurian & Mercoxium.
  • South Cluster KS: Peroxium, Obscurian & Trantium.
  • The Scar: Crelyte.

⛏️ Points per unit of mineral:

  • Peroxium: 1 point
  • Obscurian: 2 points
  • Mercoxium: 3 points
  • Trantium: 3 points
  • Crelyte: 5 points

πŸ† Top Rewards:

  • Top 1 β€œ3,000” SMCW + SM 2.0 Early Access Pass whitelist β€œ250” Random Telemetry.
  • Top 2: β€œ1,500” SMCW + SM 2.0 Early Access Pass whitelist β€œ150” Random Telemetry.
  • Top 3: β€œ1,250” SMCW + SM 2.0 Early Access Pass whitelist β€œ100” Random Telemetry.
  • Top 4-10: β€œ500” SMCW + β€œ80” Random Telemetry.
  • Top 11-20: β€œ250” SMCW + β€œ25” Random Telemetry.
  • Rest of the participants: β€œ15” Random Telemetry

If you hold MFT, MST, PoT, SSoT NFT/FT, you are already on the whitelist, although you may still want to participate and earn the rest of the rewards!.

⚠️ Ensure that your Enjin Wallet and Discord are linked (Please double-check your website account user settings as there is a new Discord linking process that we announced click here.

Don't miss your chance to try SM 2.0 early--grab your Early Access Pass now!

⚠️ Those who have already earned one will have their rewards transferred to the next person on the leaderboard.

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