Space Misfits - the most Basic way to Play and Earn

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There are currently several ways to earn from playing Space Misfits. This guide will take you through the most basic one, and describe in detail how you can mine minerals and sell them to other players.

Note: Before following this guide, you need to download and install the game, and create an account.

A step-by-step guide:

  1. Start the game, enter Survival Mode.
  2. Go to the Hangar. Pick a Blade spaceship.
  3. Equip your ship with a Civilian Burst laser turret and a Multix10Tool (if you don’t have these, go to the Forge and craft them).
  4. Click Refuel to fill up the gas tank.
  5. Go to the Space Agent.
  6. Select your Blade spaceship, and then the KS Rupture Quarry Zone. Go Ahead and launch! (there are no enemies in this zone, so it will be smooth sailing).
  7. Mine minerals from the asteroids. Try to fill up the cargo. Avoid filling it up more than 100%. Stop mining when your fuel is getting low.
  8. Go through the 01 Gate.
  9. Go through the EXIT gate.
  10. Return to Station.
  11. Go to the Hangar.
  12. Select your ship, then select the Peroxium in your cargo. Move it to Hangar. As you need at least 1000 minerals to be able to sell on the Marketplace, you have to repeat steps 4 to 11 at least one more time.
  13. Go to the Forge.
  14. Craft a Peroxium ingot.
  15. Go to Log in to your account.
  16. Go to Market.
  17. Select New Offer.
  18. List your Peroxium ingot for sale for a competitive price.
  19. Wait for someone to buy it. When sold you will receive CROWN.
  20. From your account on the website, go to Wallet.
  21. Withdraw the CROWN to your Metamask. They will show up there as $SMCW.

Congratulations! You have just earned your first $SMCW! Feel free to stake it through the Staking Dapp for very attractive yield/apr, or sell it on one of the supported crypto exchanges: Huobi, MexC or PancakeSwap.

You now master the most basic way to earn in Space Misfits. However, this alone will probably not be very profitable. It is recommended that you spend your first earnings to acquire better ships and equipment, which will enable you to dive deeper into the game, where the earning potential is much bigger.

Space illustration by our art team (Space illustration by our art team)

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