Ring in the New Year with SMCW Tokens: Don't Miss Our Exclusive Leaderboard Challenges!

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Mark your calendars for our highly anticipated leaderboard events as we say goodbye to 2023 and welcome in 2024! Starting tomorrow December 25, there will be three exciting leaderboard challenges in a row, with a prize pool of 180,000 SMCW tokens up for grabs!

In the upcoming week from December 25-31, we're offering a massive prize of 60,000 SMCW tokens pool to all participants who make it onto the leaderboard! And that's not all. In the following week, January 1-7, another prize of 60,000 SMCW tokens will be shared among the leaderboard participants. But wait, there's more! The first OSM week event will take place January 8-14, with a whopping 60,000 SMCW rewards shared the way it was meant to be!

With all three leaderboard events combined, we're talking about an incredible prize pool of 180,000 SMCW tokens up for grabs. These events are not only a chance to win big but also an excellent opportunity to test your skills against other top performers in our community.

You read right, OSM Week is starting January 8-14, Active Olympus Syndicate Members (OSMs) have their deserved treat: they will receive 80% of the rewards pool! The remaining 20% will be shared among all participants, regardless of whether or not they are OSMs, just show up in the leaderboard! To become an OSM, pledge SMCW before weekly snapshots & own an OSM NFT. Even non-OSM holders can earn a share by collecting Aurum & appearing on the Leaderboard!

Don't miss out on these exhilarating leaderboard events as we ring in the New Year in style. Get ready to unleash your inner champion and compete against the best for some mind-blowing prizes! Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news as we gear up for an incredible end to 2023 and a fantastic start to 2024.

And remember: the more Aurum you accumulate, the bigger your piece of the pie will be!

For those who aren't familiar with Active OSMs, you can become one by owning an OSM NFT and pledging SMCW tokens in our pledge pool before the weekly Sunday’s snapshot.

So what are you waiting for? Jump in now or during our upcoming leaderboard event and let's see who emerges victorious!

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