Space Misfits Community Members to Receive Special Asset Ownership Distribution

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Hey Misfits! We are thrilled to announce that the day for our special asset ownership distribution has arrived! Holders of SSoT (Space Station ownership Tokens), PoT (Planet ownership Tokens), MFT (Misfits Founder Tokens), MST (Misfits Support Tokens), and ML (Moonlabs) NFTs will benefit from this distribution. If you possess any of these assets, this announcement is for you!

Mark your calendars for March 31st at 23:59 UTC as we will take a snapshot of all Fleet participant linked wallets' accumulated Aurum between March 1st and 31st, along with their NFT assets ownership. We will then distribute the accumulated SMCW since our on-chain marketplace/Fleet & Mayhem game launch that we obtained from multiple sources explained below. To qualify for this distribution, you must earn a minimum required Aurum value of 400k between March 1st and 31st. It is essential to ensure that all your SSoT, PoT, MFT, MST, and ML assets are held on the address linked to your Fleet account where you obtained the necessary Aurum to avoid exclusion from the distribution.

We want to emphasize that the current distribution structure for SMCW distribution to special asset holders is temporary and will change in the future. SSoT, MFT, and MST NFT holders who meet the required Aurum value will receive a 90% share of the marketplace's SMCW fee revenues (of the royalty SMCW fees collected through our marketplace) as follows.

From the total rewards (90%) shared to SSoT, MFT and MST NFT holders:

  • 60% for SSoT holders
  • 30% for MFT holders
  • 10% for MST holders
The remaining 10%:

  • Space Misfits will keep the remaining 10%

On the other hand, PoT and ML NFT owners will receive a 70% of CROWN purchases made through either SMCW (CROWN Shop) or CC (through our game launcher) as follows. From the total rewards (70%) shared to PoT and ML NFT holders:

  • 70% for PoT holders
  • 30% for Moon Labs holders
The remaining 30%:

  • 20% will be used to replenish the Aurum rewards pool
  • 10% will be kept by Space Misfits

In addition, after the distribution has taken place, all eligible participants will be able to access the distribution report. It is crucial that you link the wallet where you hold your assets to our Discord as this will grant you special roles and access to the asset ownership channel on our official Discord server. This will facilitate communication and updates regarding the distribution and sharing of the report. If you need the linking guide click here.

Do not miss out on this exciting opportunity! Begin accumulating Aurum starting March 1st, and ensure that all your SSoT, PoT, MFT, MST, and ML assets are held in your Fleet account linked wallet to avoid exclusion from the distribution. We look forward to rewarding our loyal community members for their support!

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