A Multiplayer
Sci-Fi Bullet Hell
Battle it out with friends or solo in various game modes in a fun and thrilling bullet hell sci-fi experience.
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A Multiplayer
Sci-Fi Bullet Hell
Battle it out with friends or solo in various game modes in a fun and
thrilling bullet hell sci-fi experience.
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Fly and fight your way

Single Player & Multiplayer Adventures

Fly your way! Embark on single player adventures
or team up friends and compete with each other.

Bullet Hell Experience

Battle hordes of enemies and bosses in a Bullet Hell Experience
immersed inside a 3D Space Shooter.

Upgrade Your Game

Upgrade your ships and loot rare weapons while you
progress through fun gameplay modes and adventures!

PvE, PvP and PvEvP

PvEvP and PvP matches of different scales. Play with
friends or strangers in a multitude of game modes

Latest news:

Learn what is happening in and around Space Misfits

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Website redesign is here!

Are you excited about the new Space Misfits 2.0 release? Well, we have something also exciting to share with you. We have just updated our entire website design to give it a fresh new look and added improved functionality!

We didn't just stop there, every section of our website has been revamped from scratch! We have added new utilities such as filters, search bars, and new sections to make your browsing experience even better. Check out how the Marketplace/P2P/Inventory/Everything else looks now!.

⚠️ We are still putting the finishing touches on the installation, so you might see some changes over the next few days. We are adding icons, images, and other assets to give you the best experience possible.

But why take our word for it? The website speaks for itself! Check out some of the images below to see what we are talking about. Or just navigate through it! Get ready to have your mind blown! 🤯

### Revamped list view/card view “Player Marketplace”

New “everything”! also check the new activity and offer creation sections (sign in for more!)

![Illustration by our art team](https://cdn.spacemisfits.com/asset/170323/website-redesign-socials-marketplace1.jpg)

![Illustration by our art team](https://cdn.spacemisfits.com/asset/170323/website-redesign-socials-marketplace-card.jpg)

### P2P system has been revamped including awesome features!

![Illustration by our art team](https://cdn.spacemisfits.com/asset/170323/website-redesign-socials-P2P-2.jpg)

![Illustration by our art team](https://cdn.spacemisfits.com/asset/170323/website-redesign-socials-P2P.jpg)

To explore all of the new features and updates, simply navigate through our website and check out our internal pages. Please note that some of these pages are only available to registered users, so be sure to sign up to access the full range of features and functionality that our website has to offer.

Whether you're a new user or a longtime customer, we're confident that you'll appreciate the new features and updates that we've implemented. So why wait Explore our website today and see for yourself why we're so excited about these latest developments!

###Helpful Links: - Get your free Alpha NFT now
- Enjin’s Marketplace Space Misfits NFTs (Mainnet)
- Enjin’s Marketplace Space Misfits NFTs (JumpNet) - Information about Telemetry
- Enjin’s Marketplace Space Misfits NFTs (JumpNet)
- Player Wallet - How to use Guide

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Are you ready, Misfits? The Moon Labs Rush event is here!

This is your opportunity to get your hands on some of the 100,000 limited supply Moon Lab tokens that will be ever available. All you need to do is complete Q1s to earn points over the course of ten days, and the more points you have, the bigger the percentage of the tokens you can get as a reward. Don't forget to return alive to the Space Station, or your completion won't count. With a total pool of 10,000 Moon Lab tokens for this event you won't want to miss out on this opportunity! 🌙

But that's not all, remember that 80% of the CLONE REVIVAL FEES and FUEL FEES from Fleet will go to Moon Lab holders. Get ready to start earning with Moon Labs and Fleet!.

The top 10 players on the leaderboard will also be rewarded with one random unique Fleet Avatar and 100 random Telemetry! But don't worry if you don't make it to the top #10, everyone who participates still earns 50 random Telemetry for their efforts! Don't miss out on your chance to get rewarded and make sure to join us for Moon Labs Rush event!

### 🗺️ You can earn the following points for each Q1 completion:
  • Hunter's Rest Q1: 2 points.
  • Coyote's Den Q1: 3 points.
  • The Scar Q1: 3 points.
  • Deep Frontier Q1: 5 points.

The event will take place from February 4th at 10 AM EST (3 PM UTC) to February 14th at 10 AM EST (3 PM UTC) (10 days).

A leaderboard will be manually updated so you can track your accumulated points during the event.

Example: (if only two players participated)
Player A: 1,000 points
Player B: 1,000 points

In this case each player would own a 50%, each player would get 5,000 Moon Lab tokens.

###Helpful Links: - Get your free Alpha NFT now
- Enjin’s Marketplace Space Misfits NFTs (Mainnet)
- Enjin’s Marketplace Space Misfits NFTs (JumpNet) - Information about Telemetry
- Enjin’s Marketplace Space Misfits NFTs (JumpNet)
- Player Wallet - How to use Guide

###New to Space Misfits?

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Fleet is Back in Development With New Plans and NFT Utility!

Last year we began work on a browser-based NFT game that works along with Space Misfits called Space Misfits “Fleet”. This game focuses on the complete utility of all ships we have sold in the past. After some time we put the development on hold to focus on marketplace releases along with staking dApp, 2.0 planning and development and other services.

Well, we have now resumed development and focus on its MVP release in the next few months! We have a dedicated team that will focus on Fleet with some very interesting features we know you will be excited about!

Make sure you read the full article and check out all the amazing Fleet features for Avatars, Planet Ownership Utility, Station Ownership, and Ships!

All Avatar NFTs will have a brand new use too as commanders who lead their fleets. Each Avatar will be known as a commander that is given skill points and will also have bonuses to increase their fleet’s effectiveness. If you don’t own an avatar NFT you can clone one in the cloning facility inside Fleet for a cost in CROWN. Those who do own a NFT avatar will be able to use that commander in Fleet. Commanders can die and will cost players a fee in CROWN to revive them in the cloning facility. NFT owners will have a reduced fee. CROWN cloning fees and reviving fees will go to Avatar NFT owners and Moon Labs Holders.

![Illustration by our art team](https://cdn.spacemisfits.com/asset/280123/sm2-16-9-fleet.jpg) (Work in progress)

##Planet Ownership Utility
The plan for Planet Owners will be their ability inside Fleet to rent Planet Outposts for other players to run logistic missions to collect resources on their land. Owners can choose to rent their land lots for CROWN or use the Outposts for themselves. Planet Outposts owners will earn CROWN from other players as they rent their land out. A percentage of all CROWN rental fees will go back to the Planet Owner. The first rollout will be a shared rental that all Planet Owners will earn evenly. As the player base scales, you will be able to decide on the price in CROWN of the Outposts rentals. There are a lot of unknowns about the potential player base and we want to make sure we launch a functional MVP that we can launch quickly to give Planet Owners the ability to earn as quickly as possible.

All ships will be put into play. You will be able to build an entire fleet yourself with the BPs you own or you can buy the ships you need on the marketplace from other BP owners. This means fighters, heavy fighters, cruisers, logistics, miners and carriers will be put into play. We are excited to see our entire fleet of BPs that will go into play in Fleet!

Current State

We are also pleased to report that much of the work for Fleet has already been completed last year, from Commanders and mission systems, to inventory and forging. We still have quite a bit of work ahead of ourselves although we expect that the MVP will be ready to go by late Q1 or early Q2 2023.

##Full Utility of Our Major NFTs
![Illustration by our art team](https://cdn.spacemisfits.com/asset/280123/sm2-520-fleet5.jpg) (Work in progress)

Fleet will bring full utility to all our major NFTs. This is the quickest way for us to allow you to use the NFTs you purchased while the team focuses on 2.0 this year. You have waited long enough and we want to make sure we deliver. Remember too, 2.0 will have full utility as well and this will be a great way to have even more utility of your NFTs in both a browser-based game and a full PC game as well.

It is important to note that the two games, Fleet and 2.0, have different focuses. Fleet is a game focused on solid play and earn mechanics, while 2.0 is more geared towards gamers that are looking for a fun and immersive experience. By having both games working together in sync, it allows for a balanced Play and Earn Ecosystem within Fleet. On the other hand, 2.0 has no barriers to entry, as no NFT purchase or wallet is required to play the game. This provides the perfect entry point for mass adoption of the game, as those who are not into crypto gaming can still enjoy the game without any extra complications.

We can’t wait to get Fleet up and running so you can experience the full utility of NFTs and all the features that come with it. Stay tuned for more updates!

###Helpful Links: - Get your free Alpha NFT now
- Enjin’s Marketplace Space Misfits NFTs (Mainnet)
- Enjin’s Marketplace Space Misfits NFTs (JumpNet) - Information about Telemetry
- Enjin’s Marketplace Space Misfits NFTs (JumpNet)
- Player Wallet - How to use Guide

###New to Space Misfits?

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Some of our most commonly asked questions

What is Space Misfits?

Experience the immersive world of Space Misfits, a free-to-play 3D space shooter & engage in fast-paced shooter combat, resource gathering, and exploration with friends or strangers across multiple game modes. Go on thrilling roguelike adventures in procedurally generated systems, battle NPC enemies, and explore the never-ending universe. Tailor your favorite ships and weapons to your playstyle and compete in a variety of PvEvP and PvP matches. With thematic seasons bringing new mechanics and cosmetic rewards, show us who you are in this exciting sci-fi arcade experience.

Do I Need To Buy Anything to Play?

At Space Misfits, we offer a free-to-play gaming experience for all players. While you can purchase collectibles (NFTs) on EnjinX Marketplace to support our development, it is not mandatory to make any purchases to play the game. Join us during our community events and earn incredible rewards for free to help you progress and improve your gameplay!

How Can I Start Playing?

you can easily download by navigating to the download page. No additional purchases are necessary, and all you need is a Windows PC to start playing today!

How Can I Earn Playing Space Misfits?

Space Misfits offers various ways to earn rewards, including participation in community events. You can become a miner, escort other players to challenging areas, become a trader, and craft unique ships with impressive stats so you can then sell these items in our SMCW-powered Player Marketplace or through the P2P trading. SMCW (CROWN) is the native token of Space Misfits, which can be purchased on available exchanges, earned during events, or earned by selling goods in the Player Marketplace.

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