Upcoming Changes: Transitioning from "Rogue" to Mayhem & Fleet

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Hey Misfits, We want to inform you about the upcoming changes with the launch of Mayhem and Fleet. As part of the transition, we will be closing Rogue 1.0 and minting again all your Enjin MainNet and JumpNet NFTs over to BNB Smart chain.

In case you have any doubts or concerns, we've got you covered with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Let's dive into what's coming next for us on this journey to Mayhem and Fleet!

Snapshot summary:

  • Enjin NFT/FT snapshot will be done September 27th at 15:00 EDT (19:00 UTC)
  • A snapshot of all your 1.0 ingame resources is being done September 27th, 15:00 EDT (19:00 UTC)

When will the Enjin FT/NFT snapshot happen?

The snapshot day will be done September 27th at 15:00 EDT (19:00 UTC).

All your MainNet & JumpNet NFTs/FTs will be snapshotted and minted in BNB Smart Chain, the minting will take a few hours to complete. After the snapshot, do not buy, sell, transfer any of your Enjin MainNet and JumpNet NFTs as they are not being used anymore.

What will happen to my NFTs?

Both your Enjin MainNet and JumpNet Your Enjin MainNet and JumpNet NFTs/FTs will be minted again in BNB Smart Chain, after the snapshot date you will receive an exact copy of them to the same wallet address where you have them stored in the snapshot.

Can I keep using Enjin Wallet?

Enjin Wallet is compatible with BNB Smart Chain NFTs, so you will be able to view them there after we send you the replacement airdrop, you can use any NFT BNB Smart Chain compatible wallet.

Will my 1.0 account work with Mayhem & Fleet?

If you have an account you can keep using it when Mayhem and Fleet launches. The only requirement is that you have at least 1 unit of any game resource or BITS, other accounts will be cleaned as part of our maintenance plan to remove spam accounts.

What will happen to 1.0 resources, King Coins / BITS?

A snapshot of all your ingame resources and bits is being done September 27th at 15:00 EDT (19:00 UTC).

As an early adopter you will benefit from this migration and depending on how much Rogue 1.0 resources you collected, you will receive some of them in Fleet and OSCredits once available, with the following table showing up the max amount you would receive. If you achieve the maximum resources that is like owning 45 ladybugs to start with!

Being an early supporter has its perks! You'll reap the benefits of being an early adapter. The more resources you collected during the Rogue 1.0 era, the more resources you'll get in return. However, there’s also a maximum cap, check out the chart below to see the maximum amount you will receive. Think of it like getting a head start with 45 Ladybugs just for joining in early! And if that's not enough, for every 1 million BITS you own, you'll receive 50 OSCredits + 1 OSCredit for every King Coin when they become available. Ships or 1.0 items will not be migrated as they are not compatible with Fleet.
Note: the snapshot includes all your ingame resources and BITS in the hangar and inside ships, and calculates your ingots value too.

TypeMax Resources/BITS migrated

For more info about OSCredits: Click here.

When will Space Misfits - Rogue 1.0 close?

Rogue 1.0 will be closing after we launch Mayhem and Fleet, although your newly earned resources after the snapshot won’t migrate to fleet, once we close Rogue 1.0 you won’t be able to access it.

What will happen to my 1.0 SMCW (CROWN) Wallet?

You can withdraw your SMCW (CROWN) from the CROWN Wallet before we replace it for the CROWN Shop.

If you don’t withdraw it, your SMCW (CROWN) will be refunded to your linked wallet. If you only have an Enjin Wallet linked, we will refund it there, and if you have added a BEP20 wallet we will send your refund there instead. Lastly, if you don't have any wallets linked, then we will keep a record of your username and unclaimed SMCW (CROWN), so you can easily reach out to our support team to claim your refund.

What will happen to the dApp v2 SMCW Telemetry ingame pool?

The SMCW Telemetry ingame pool stopped rewarding Telemetry as it will need to be adjusted to the new BNB Smart Chain NFTs, read the following announcement: click here. If you haven’t requested your rewards you can open a support ticket on Discord

What will happen to Discord NFT Roles?

Discord NFT Roles will be moved to a new Discord plugin capable of detecting BNB Smart Chain NFTs and you will be able to link your BNB Chain Wallet where you hold your collectible NFTs, it will assign you the same roles you had once available.

Changes regarding P2P, Ingame Marketplace, Collectibles, KC exchange, Inventory:

Marketplace will be on chain through Altura Marketplace, and if you need to trade with other players you will be able to transfer your assets on chain which will allow you to do that (without escrow), you will be able to see your collectibles in the Marketplace page/Altura wallet, and your BNB Smart Chain NFT compatible wallet. The King Coin exchange and website inventory won’t be available, your King Coins are stored in the Rogue 1.0 snapshot and kept for a future OSCredits release.

What happens to the Alpha NFT event?

The Alpha NFT event will be discontinued as we close Rogue 1.0, make sure to get your Alpha NFT while it lasts!

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