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A Huge Fleet leak has just appeared!
Hey Misftis! It's been a while since we announced that Fleet, Space Misfits browser game version was back in development, but here we have our promised big leak and update that you don't want to miss!
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The New Staking dApp V2 just arrived!
We are thrilled to announce the release of the much-awaited update to our Staking DApp V2! Brace yourself as you immerse in a whole new level of user experience with the numerous updates to the user i
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Discontinuation of the Staking dApp v1
The Staking dApp v1 has been an integral part of the Space Misfits community, providing users with a way to stake their SMCW and earn yield. However, with the launch of the new and improved Staking dA
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Misfits, Ready Your Picks - Don't Miss Out on the Mining Event!
Are you ready to compete and ascend to the top of the leaderboard? win an Early Access Pass plus other exclusive rewards on our third round of Space Misfits 2.0 alpha release pre-launch event series!
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Website redesign is here!
Are you excited about the new Space Misfits 2.0 release? Well, we have something also exciting to share with you. We have just updated our entire website design to give it a fresh new look and added i
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Are you ready, Misfits? The Moon Labs Rush event is here!
This is your opportunity to get your hands on some of the 100,000 limited supply Moon Lab tokens that will be ever available. All you need to do is complete Q1s to earn points over the course of ten d
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Fleet is Back in Development With New Plans and NFT Utility!
Last year we began work on a browser-based NFT game that works along with Space Misfits called Space Misfits “Fleet”. This game focuses on the complete utility of all ships we have sold in the past. A
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Space Misfits Ready to Take on GDC 2023 in San Francisco!
Space Misfits will have a presence at GDC this year in San Francisco showcasing our upcoming 2.0 release! We will take part in the Indie Games Section and also be part of the judging and Indie Game aw
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Round 2 - Space Misfits 2.0 Alpha Release Early Access Event
Get ready for the 2nd round of Space Misfits 2.0 alpha release pre-launch event! Win an Early Access Pass plus other exclusive rewards. Join us this weekend for a journey to the stars! ✨ We are incl
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Space Misfits 2.0 Alpha Release Early Access Event
Are you ready for the Space Misfits 2.0 alpha release? Would you like to have early access before anyone else? Prove to the Misfit community that you deserve it by battling in 'The Scar' this weekend
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